10 Vegan Sushi That Will Make You Give Up Seafood

Its time to redefine your image of sushi. The best sushi restaurants in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Riyadh are beginning to embrace the vegan sushi trend, both for its health benefits as well as the fact that these rolls are just plain delicious. Is it possible to serve tempting, delicious sushi options for vegans?

The answer is yes, and these ten sushi rolls will prove to anyone that Japanese restaurants dont have to involve any seafood to lure hungry patrons. Found at quick service counters and sit down restaurants throughout UAE and Saudi Arabia, these sushi options are sure to please.

Vegan California Rolls

A book could be written about the many different California Roll types found around the world. Fortunately for vegans, many of them are sans-fish. Instead of the seafood protein, these healthier options focus on the staple ingredient of any legitimate California Roll: 혻avocado. With avocado shining, lets take a look at a few choices found at Japanese restaurants in Dubai and Riyadh:

Sweet Garden California Roll

Sounds tempting? This delicious selection also packs a heavy crunch. Carrot, avocado, cucumber and crispy onion sit inside a roll of white rice, and often times the roll will be topped with additional avocado and crunchy deliciousness.

Black Veggie California Roll

With this option on the best sushi menus throughout the UAE and KSA, black rice takes a bit of the glory from the traditional white rice. The flavour is heavier than many other California Rolls, which for many is incredibly satisfying. This is a unique twist on a classic, but one certainly worth a try.

Black Garden California Roll

Continue your progress with your vegan sushi habits. As you find the best sushi in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Riyadh, you will begin to feel comfortable and be tempted by adventurous rolls such as the Black Barden California Roll. All black rice, none of the white rice. Add asparagus, carrot, and a healthy dose of avocado up on top for one of the unique sushi rolls at any Japanese restaurant in Dubai or anywhere in the Middle East.

Mango Chutney California Roll

Have you ever had nuts in your sushi? This exciting option pits pistachio and almond for protein up with white rice and mango chutney. You truly havent experienced vegan sushi until youve tried this one in Dubai! Sushi Counter serves the best sushi options for unique rolls such as this one.

Hummus & Cucumber Roll

This roll found at the best sushi restaurants in Dubai offers a true taste of the Middle East. They say that nothing around here brings people together quite like hummus, and this roll proves that this statement is true even when it comes to cuisine born thousands of miles away. Its pretty basic: hummus, cucumber, and yuzu. If you arent familiar with yuzu, it is a delicious citrus fruit that in this case adds a completely unpredicted kick of flavour to an otherwise rather boring roll. This roll is perfect for vegan sushi beginners that are more accustomed to traditional Middle Eastern cuisine.

Moutabel & Cucumber Summer Roll

Moutabel is a delicious mixture of grilled eggplant, sesame paste, and lemon juice. A slice of fresh cucumber adds a palatable crunch and kick of extra flavour that really livens the roll up. A summer roll is traditionally wrapped in rice paper, and thats something you should look for when ordering a Moutabel roll, as it really helps with the dipping process. The rice paper used at the best sushi restaurants in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Riyadh is thick and will not rip when picked up or dipped in sauce. This is crucial with a roll like this because a nice dose of soy sauce and wasabi really brings out the complex flavours!

Vegetable Hand Roll

For those wanting a pick me up and bite in experience, a Vegetable Hand Roll is the perfect vegan option to exercise at the best sushi restaurants. Typically filled with rice along with an assortment of fresh vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers, and peppers, this can be a great introduction to vegan sushi culture and Japanese restaurant dining in general. In a cone of seaweed paper, top the rice and vegetables with soy sauce and wasabi for a full explosion of flavour.

Baby Eggplant Sushi Square

For those more accustomed to Italian or American dining and less experienced with Japanese restaurants, this option provides a warm welcome. Baby eggplant sits atop a bed of rice with a donburi-style mix of vegetables and sauce, blue flowers, and basil. The collision of flavours creates a taste pallet that is truly unique and will hook vegan and non-vegan diners on eating sushi from the first bite.

Sundried Tomato Basil Roll

For a bit of Euro-flare in your sushi, go with a Sundried Tomato Basil Roll. The rice perfectly complements the namesake ingredients, with a bit of crunch provided by a leaf of lettuce. The best sushi in Abu Dhabi doesnt have to be super complex sometimes, simple is better!

Veggie Sushi Burrito

Heres one that literally takes sushi to a whole new level. As the popularity of blending Middle Eastern street food with the cuisine of other cultures has gained steam at sushi restaurants in Dubai, Mexican influence is increasingly more common.

The Veggie Sushi Burrito at Sushi Counter is the perfect entr챕e for when you just cant settle on what to eat for lunch. Stuffed with nori yaki, seaweed salad, avocado, and takuan, and wrapped in rice paper, this will have even the most sceptical meat-eater in your social circle hooked on vegan sushi.

Rolling it Up

There are enough varieties of vegan sushi in Dubai to please just about any taste. Japanese restaurants often offer a number of incredible vegan options that even non-vegetarians will love. The best sushi in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Saudi is no exception. With incredible cafes such as Sushi Counter taking the growing population of veggie-friendly diners into consideration, having a delicious, healthy, and culturally spirited meal doesnt have to make you feel like a standout. Instead, the rest of your party will be asking for a bite of your dish, so be prepared to share!

25 October, 2021