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10 Weird Sushi You Should Definitely Try

on 20th Sep, 2017
Sushi first appeared, according to the historical account, on the streets of Japan back in the 8th century. The rest of the world had yet to be introduced to this delicacy, but once the concept began spreading across international boundaries, more and more takes on sushi began popping up. Japanese restaurants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have followed suit, offering both incredible and unique sushi.
Today, sushi restaurants are known for serving the classic, traditional offerings of the concept as well as more modern takes on sushi. Here in the UAE, diners can indulge in a variety of weird styles, some of which have become the best sushi in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Let’s take a look at weird sushi you definitely need to try, both here and abroad.

Beef Tartare with Cream Cheese - Sushi Counter, Dubai, UAE

The best sushi in Dubai and Abu Dhabi thinks outside the box, and that is exactly what Sushi Counter has done with their Beef Tartare Summer Roll. We’ve all seen cream cheese used in Philadelphia Rolls around the world, but this is a completely delicious take on a fine dining classic. Enjoy with a lighter roll, perhaps a Moutabel and Cucumber Summer Roll, for a healthy and complementary pairing.

Bentley Roll – Sushi World, Cypress, California

Spicy tuna is the anchor of the luxurious Bentley Roll. This California masterpiece also includes avocado and is topped with seared Salmon, creating a unique blend of flavors that mix well with their sesame dressing.

Sushi Burrito – Sushi Counter, Dubai, UAE, and other locations

The sushi burrito has become an international phenomenon in recent years. Following the rise of quick-service Mexican restaurants, sushi chefs thought, ‘Why not enlarge a sushi roll into a burrito?’ The result is a handheld masterpiece that can be enjoyed in a restaurant or on the go. Sushi restaurants in Dubai have embraced the trend.

Shaggy Dog Roll – various locations

This may not sound like an appealing invention, but once you’ve tasted the Shaggy Dog Roll, there’s no going back. With Shrimp and Crab, alongside avocado and a spicy aioli on top, this roll is simple but incredibly delicious. Perhaps this roll is the result of sushi restaurants around the world getting creative – will the best sushi in Dubai and Abu Dhabi catch on?

Tasmanian Roll – Kunti, Bali, Indonesia

The Tasmanian Roll is a true gem – if you find a Japanese restaurant serving this, you’re in a good spot. It typically features ocean Trout, Salmon, asparagus, yellow onion, green onion, lemon, and chili oil. Add a dose of Wasabi and soy sauce and this roll is sushi heaven! It pairs very well with hot sake, or hot tea for those not wanting alcohol.

Agemono – Hokkaido Sushi, Singapore

You might expect to find something unique and over the top at Japanese restaurants in Singapore. Hokkaido delivers with this tempura dish of deep sea-caught prawns and Grouper fish, served together for a taste unparalleled in fine dining Japanese restaurants. Their menu contains many creative options, but the Agemono is a classic that has withstood the test of time. This restaurant does it as well as any.

Pickled Vegetable Nigiri – various locations in Japan

Due to the steady popularity of pickled vegetables among the Japanese, restaurants across the country are known to offer them on top of rice as Nigiri. These aren’t your traditional hand rolls – Nigiri starts with a ball of moulded rice and finishes with a topping that is typically fish-based. Not in this case, however, and the Japanese have come to embrace the concept.

Ama Ebi Sushi Square – Sushi Counter, Dubai, UAE

Have you tried a sushi square? If not, the time is ripe to do so because they are among the best sushi in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Sushi Counter tops squares of rice and other deliciousness with fresh fish and toppings. In this case, sweet shrimp, donburi mix, edible blue flowers, and basil make for a tempting concoction that will whet the appetite. We suggest ordering more than one, because once you’ve had a taste it’s hard to think of anything else.

New York Subway Roll – Sticks n Sushi, London, UK

This roll looks like an amalgam when it served to the table, and that’s because it is. It’s not often that garlic makes such a profound impact on a sushi roll. At this London establishment, diners enjoy this roll of tempura shrimp, which is harmless enough, but the kicker is this: garlic, Salmon, avocado and spicy sauce. Tail on, game on!

Irish Sushi – various locations

Of course, we need a ‘green’ version for Japanese restaurants in Dubai to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. This roll swaps out the rice for mashed potatoes, the seaweed wrapper for cabbage, and the fish for corned beef. We’ll raise a pint to that!

The Changing Face of sushi

Around the world, sushi has become as popular as Sushi's legend is famous. I remember as a kid hearing legends about the best sushi restaurants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and I always wondered what eating sushi was actually like. It’s now pretty easy to find out with all of the new Japanese restaurants in Dubai.
As we’ve seen here, the world is full of interesting and unusual takes on sushi. We’re willing to bet that the Japanese street chefs of the 8th century wouldn’t have predicted the thousands of different varieties and rolls available today. Whether or not you’re onboard with these unusual takes, Sushi Counter always offers the classics. Even vegetarians can find a roll they love – let us show you what great sushi is all about!
The culinary scene in both cities is exploding with talent – but diners don’t have to wait in line at fancy high-end establishments to taste great sushi. Sushi Counter stands among the best sushi restaurants in either city. Come on in and let us show you why our menu stands tall among the rest!

10 Weird Sushi You Should Definitely Try

Sushi first appeared, according to the historical account, on the streets of Japan back in the 8th century. The rest of the world had yet to be introduced to this delicacy, but once the concept began spreading across international boundaries, more and more takes on sushi began popping up. Japanese...