Know Your Sushi: Differences between Poke Bowl, Chirashi & Ceviche

Sushi comes in all shapes and forms and its the duty of a true sushi lover to know even the slightest differences. Some amateurs may even consider only the rolls to be part of the sushi branch, but a true connoisseur knows that the family tree includes a vast selection of raw fish dishes with various tastes and flavours.

Originally from Japan, sushi unites under the same umbrella a big mix of dishes that use rice and seafood as main ingredients. Though it originated on the Asian continent, the unique taste and flavour of this food tradition extended to affect even other territories nearby the Pacific coastline. If you are taking your first steps in the world of Japanese cuisine and you want to find out more details about sushi, be sure to check our previous blog entry about sushi FAQs which will offer you the best information and all you need to know both about sushi and sushi restaurants in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

But lets do the introductions: three of the most delicious sushi dishes of the moment.

All you need to know about Poke Bowl, Chirashi and Ceviche

Salmon Poke Bowl

Lets take a peek inside a Poke Bowl though not that well-known in the past, this dish has become in the last year the main star in the sushi menus all over UAE. Originally from Hawaii, this sushi recipe landed in the kitchens of the greatest chefs of sushi in Dubai and all over the world. Even though it started as a simple dish of raw fish traditionally the yellow tuna the recipe changed and adapted in time, including now a great variety of ingredients such as mushrooms, cilantro, avocado, or even pickled jalapeo. Poke Bowl is a fine particularity of the sushi world and a taste you can recognise in a million, one that once tasted, will definitely differentiate itself from the rest of any other foods.

Read more about Poke Bowls here.

Salmon Chirashi

Chirashi A unique taste scattered all over Japan. This plate is, for sure, an easy to try-at-home sushi dish. If you manage to find all the right ingredients, of course. It literally means catered in Japanese, and it’s an impromptu recipe that brings together the great flavours of raw fish mixed with the freshness of vegetables. But don’t be deceived by its simple appearance. This is a complex dish that needs a lot of attention when prepared in order to reach its full potential. Put together from scraps, this dish is supposed to originate from the wish of Japanese cooks to use all the ingredients and avoid waste. But this only added up to its versatility which helped the recipe gain a lot of appreciation over the years.

Salmon Ceviche

Ceviche Whats more exotic than some raw fish dipped in citrus juices? Ceviche is for sure one of the most particular dishes from the sushi branch. Originally from Latin America, this recipe brings together the freshness of citrus fruits and raw fish, with the spiciness of chilli peppers, leaving the taster with one unique and unforgettable experience. But this is not all. Unlike other types of sushi, this plate is usually accompanied by other side dishes which are meant to emphasise its flavour. Some might be sweet potatoes, avocado or various salads.

The recipe itself has a captivating history and years of cultural mixes across multiple continents. Though raw fish dishes are mostly known to have Asian roots, this recipe is suspected to have been brought to Latin America from the European continent, by the Moorish women from Granada. This would make it date back to the era of the Spanish conquistadors which have colonised Peru, bringing with them the predecessor of Ceviche.

Another great advantage of these recipes is their nutritional value. If you want to learn how to make healthy food for your family, then sushi is the way to go. With a low level of fats, sushi ensures a big intake of iodine for the body, making it the perfect meal for weight control. Also, the high level of antioxidants gives it particular qualities that are good for skin and DNA cells damage repair. This makes it, nevertheless, a good ally against cancer and a necessary part of every anti-ageing diet. And last but not least, these dishes are rich in proteins, calcium and Omega 3 acids, which makes them fit for the diets of both adults and young people.
Ready, steady cook!

If these three dishes have already sparked your interest, maybe its time to talk more about their ingredients and the preparation process. Though all of them are very particular varieties of sushi, there is one thing they have in common: there is no need to go through the torment of rolling them into tiny little bites. Some might complain that this is the most important skill of a sushi chef. But, at least you can actually have a shot at preparing some decent-looking recipes for your friends and family if you want to offer them a home-made dinner without having to order sushi online.

Though all three recipes are based on raw fish, only two of them include the sushi rice which is so important in Japanese cuisine, one of them being Chirashi. This might also be because this is the only dish which is actually a Japanese sushi recipe, the other two being variations of raw fish related dishes from around the world. This catered type of food is one big mix of sushi, rice and vegetables which can be mixed with other ingredients, based on your personal taste.

There are no particular requirements in matters of seafood used for this dish, and its easy to make a plate which was, in time, adapted to include various ingredients such as avocado, green beans, scallions or tofu. This is the best-improvised recipe that will help you impress your friends while introducing them to the Japanese culture, without having to deal with the effort of making perfectly shaped rolled bites. It is, on the other hand, an effective way to get rid of the leftovers you have from your other attempts of preparing sushi at home.

As mentioned, there is no need to follow a specific recipe, you just need sushi rice and raw fish, andyou can get crazy. Just keep in mind that not all flavours go well mixed with each other. For the Tuna and Salmon lovers, there is a dish coming straight from the Hawaiian culture which will satisfy both the desire for raw fish and wish for new, exciting experiences. Poke Bowl is a dish that brings together a mix of flavours and cultures from two sides of the Pacific. And on top of that, its considered one of the easiest to eat sushi types. This bowl of tastes is still close to the Asian culture, keeping, as a mandatory part of the recipe, the beloved rice, which is the base layer of most bowls. After the rice, comes the fish.

The most usual grade fish used is the yellowfin tuna, which is, by some, the closest to the original recipe. But if tuna is not your fish of choice, there is no need to worry. The recipe is quite flexible and you can replace it with whatever kind of raw fish you want. Some of the best options would be salmon or snapper. The third ingredient for this magnificent dish is the greens vegetables. Here you can get creative and add whatever you like the most: avocado, seaweed, onions or crispy garlic. As long as the rules of flavour are not transgressed, your recipe will end up just fine.

For dressing try adding some soy sauce, ponzu, shoyu or make your own by mixing your favourite sauce with sesame oil, mirin and some fresh lemon juice. Lets not forget about the hot sauce, which is also a must-have for Poke Bowls. Whether you go for togarashi or wasabi, the spiciness is a very important characteristic of the dish, so dont leave it out.

And last but not least, the most uncommon raw fish based dish, coming all the way from Latin America Ceviche. With such a great history behind it, this dish is definitely a great and unique experience, which will offer you a whole new perspective on raw fish. When it comes to ingredients, Ceviche is a gathering of fresh tastes. That why picking the ingredients is essential in order to make
the best out of trying this amazing recipe. The raw fish that will be used should be the freshest you could get. This doesnt mean you have to go and fish it yourself, but it would be better if you have a local provider, and not buy the packaged one from the supermarket. The best type is the semi-firm, white fish which will help to give the dish a nice texture. We recommend sea bass, mahi-mahi or, if you want a shrimp Ceviche, you can go for the shellfish.

The most important process in preparing this food is waiting for the fish to be marinated. Only after its fully marinated you can finally mix it with the rest of the ingredients. For this process you can use any kind of citrus juice, be it lemons, limes, or even grapefruit. After preparing the fish, you can mix it with the rest of the vegetables, which can be lettuce, freshly boiled corn, sweet potatoes and so on.
So, Poke Bowl, Chirashi or Ceviche?

All three dishes are perfect if you want to try some home-made sushi for your friends or family. Maybe you wont take the prize for preparing the best sushi in Dubai, but you will, for sure, impress your company.

If you choose to go full traditional, then we recommend the Japanese Chirashi. Its spicy and it has all the features of the traditional Japanese cuisine. But if you want to really impress your guests, then try offering them some Ceviches. This dish keeps the spicy taste of the original sushi while bringing a very fresh, particular flavour, thanks to the marinated raw fish. And last but not least, the Poke Bowl is a great way to bring together the Asian traditions with some beloved modern flavours such as avocado.

Did we convince you to try these three popular, sushi dishes but you dont really feel like cooking? Dont worry, there’s always an option for the less kitchen-friendly of us. You can find plenty of sushi delivery in Abu Dhabi or Japanese restaurants in Dubai where you can order them. Or, you can order from us and try all these three plates, and a lot more that will for sure satisfy your need for raw fish. Here, you can find Ceviche and Chirashi for only 33 AED, while the Poke Bowls range from 55 to 64 AED. Nevertheless, for the veggie lovers, we also have variants of vegan sushi in Dubai and Abu Dhabi stores. Sushi Counter is one of the restaurants that offer this kind of menu options, without losing the essence of the original recipes. This selection of sushi and other cuisines will leave you with the best experience related to Japanese and Asian cuisine, whichever food you choose.

So, whether you decide to make it yourself or to have some sushi delivery, there three recipes are for sure something you should try this year! They are refreshing, exotic and healthy. There is nothing more to wish from a meal, than a flavoured taste and low fats. The Poke Bowls, Ceviches and Chirashis are made to thrill your taste buds. They are the perfect choice even if you are on a diet or preparing for future beach parties of the summer. You can finally enjoy sharing the food with your friends without thinking about the extra kilos youve put on. Pick up the phone, order your sushi, and enjoy a nice meal with your close ones!

11 November, 2021