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Sushi Burger: Is It Good for Health Conscious Foodies?

on 15th Aug, 2017
The UAE is known for its culturally rich, diverse atmosphere and the cuisine is certainly a reflection of the nation’s values. Japanese fare has made quite an impact on society and there are countless establishments from Abu Dhabi to Dubai where you can find this hearty, healthy coastal cuisine.

Many classic restaurants are favourites to find the best sushi in Abu Dhabi. All these sushi restaurants offer your standard Japanese fare and even include the relative new comer on the block -- the Sushi Burger. This new take on an old favourite started out by making its rounds in many Japanese restaurants. It has since taken the world by storm, finding its way into several Japanese restaurants in Dubai. Still, many are asking the question, what is a Sushi Burger? Is it healthy?

How did Sushi Burgers Get their Start?

Before we look at what makes a good sushi burger, let’s look at how they got their start. Patties formed by rice have been a staple in many Japanese restaurants since the early 1980’s. While sushi has been around for thousands of years, and no doubt someone along the way tried it between two rice patties, it has only recently begun to show up on many social media sites.

Since popping its head up in social media a few years ago, many bloggers and foodies have taken out to find the best sushi restaurant in Dubai that offers sushi burgers. There’s no doubt that there are many health and taste benefits to burgers made using the best sushi.


Let’s start with the first question.

Contrary to its name, a sushi burger isn’t a piece of raw fish chucked between two pieces of bread and topped with ketchup and mustard. How good would that taste?

Instead, the name “burger” is given simply because of the ingredients of the best sushi being sandwiched between two rice patties.
While the ingredients of the sushi burger can have just as many variations as the best sushi in Dubai, most sushi restaurants will offer these common variations:
  • Rice patties formed in the shape of a bun.
  • Fresh fish, most often in the form of tuna or salmon
  • Topped with avocado, ginger, or any other toppings you like with your sushi.

Are they Healthy?

Sushi Burgers served in Japanese restaurants are extremely healthy, especially when you consider the Omega-3 fatty acids your body gets, thanks in part to the fish. On top of that, since many sushi restaurants in Dubai make their best sushi using sticky rice and dried seaweed, there are nearly 0 calories and absolutely no additional fats.

What Not to Do with your Sushi Burgers?

What many foodies have begun to do is to deep fry portions of their sushi burgers, especially the rice. Many Japanese restaurants will do this upon request because it not only adds a little extra something to the taste but makes the burger, itself, less of a mess to handle. The problem, though, is that frying them, especially in tempura batter, removes many of the health benefits.

Also, in some Japanese restaurants in Dubai, they will fry the fish, itself. It’s understandable; frying gives it that little extra kick. However, this kills the nutrients right out of the sushi.

Use Raw Veggies and Fish

If the extra snap in your food is what you are after, have your sushi restaurant fix your sushi burger with raw, uncooked, veggies; carrots are a perfect replacement for the crunch. Furthermore, fish used in the best sushi restaurants is perfectly safe and edible if served and eaten within 24 hours of being prepared.

Sushi Burgers Compared to Beef or Chicken

When many think of being health conscious about what they eat, very seldom does a juicy beef or chicken burger come to mind; there’s a reason for that. When we substitute in the sushi for beef and chicken, you get the same amount of protein without the extra fat and oils that cover beef and chicken.

It’s true that there are some Japanese restaurants in Dubai that offer variations to the Sushi Burger that include beef or chicken or both. While this is good for those looking to increase taste without concern for being healthy, you should exclude these ingredients from your sushi burger. Not only will it completely negate any health benefits of having sushi but will actually make it unhealthy to eat.

What about Condiments?

This is another area where many foodies take this healthy cuisine and make it into an unhealthy treat. Many will load up the cream cheese or dunk their sushi burger in a spicy aioli. Just like adding in other meats to the burger, adding these condiments will actually remove any health benefit that may be gained by eating sushi.
  • Avocados are the perfect replacement for spicy oils. By placing thinly sliced pieces of avocados on your sushi burger, you are adding a substantial amount of healthy fats. The taste will explode in your mouth and tickle your taste buds.
  • Instead of adding several sauces available at your kitchen, add only minimum sauces you'd find on your table. This will not only keep your burger from being too messy but will keep the flavour of the best sushi at its peak when you eat it.
  • Soy sauce is an excellent addition to any rice or raw fish meal but is especially tasty when offered with sushi.
Restaurants will use only the best and freshest ingredients available in their best sushi. In fact, many have taken to making culinary masterpieces out of this tried and true meal.

So, if you find yourself walking into a sushi restaurant, such as Sushi Counter, and wanting to try something new, give the sushi burger a try. Your taste buds will explode as the melting pot of flavours hit your mouth.

So don’t let fear of the unknown dissuade you from trying the many variations found in Japanese restaurants; let your adventurous side guide you. Stop in today and witness firsthand the meal that is taking the world by storm.

Sushi Burger: Is It Good for Health Conscious Foodies?

The UAE is known for its culturally rich, diverse atmosphere and the cuisine is certainly a reflection of the nation’s values. Japanese fare has made quite an impact on society and there are countless establishments from Abu Dhabi to Dubai where you can find this hearty, healthy coastal cuisine.Many...