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Sushi Burrito - Millennials Favourite Food Trend in 2018

on 12th Jul, 2018
When sushi burrito was first released in the market, its creator had no idea the level of buzz it would cause both in the media and fast food industry arena. It was just a simple idea that would later revolutionise the way sushi was consumed.

Typically, Sushi is eaten with bare hands and takes quite some time to enjoy the meal while seated. But this is not convenient for the working class and especially for the millennials to whom time is a scarce thing. It is for this reason that sushi burrito has become so popular. It provides the much-needed flexibility and convenience to have your food on the go without taking much time in a restaurant.

Sushi Burrito is a combination of the Asian and Latin cuisine concepts of sushi and burrito respectively. It is essentially a sushi roll rolled under the edible seaweed, Nori, layered with Japanese short rice, a mix of various ingredients including raw fish, carrots or cucumbers, avocado, other cooked meat, or various vegetables. The roll is then served in a grease-proof aluminium foil and can be eaten on the go without the need for a plate.

Sushi burrito is a healthy food and therefore, is a darling for many of the people looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle but do not have much time to prepare food. This makes it a go-to option that is much healthier than most fast foods. It is also equally delicious and serves as a healthy substitute for most unhealthy meals.

Since its inception, its popularity has been growing by the day as a top millennial food trend and was recently ranked among the top food trends of 2018 by Foodora alongside poke bowls and the dark kitchen concepts. This growth has been motivated by the millennial's love for quick but healthy food. There's no saying to when the bubble will burst, but certainly not any time soon.

Worldwide 2018 Food Trends and a Focus on Sushi Burrito

2017 was arguably one of the best years for the food industry in the world. The year saw the success of sushi burgers, development of new technologies in the food industry, the growth of various fast food restaurants built with the consumers and millennial food trends as the main focus.

2018 will be an even better year for the food industry, especially for sushi burrito. Several trends have already sprung up that may shake up the way we envision food in general. The following list includes some of them.

1. Mindfulness of what we eat

This was named number one trend in the food industry by Innova Market Insights. The year will see the influence of body-mind connection to new food introductions. 70% of US and UK Consumers, especially millennials want to understand what each food constitutes, the ingredients used, and understanding anything possible about the food. They then align their values with the producers and support them through purchases. Sushi makers will be in a haste to provide the most healthy and nutritious sushi burritos than their competitors to tap into this market.

2. Multi-sensory

Food is no longer just something for the tongue. A new trend is emerging where food selection will be based on all the senses of the body: touch, smell, sight, and hearing. This is especially true for those who want to feel the food in all aspects. Sushi burritos come with tactile seaweed, a mouth-watering aroma, and are formed into attractive shapes.

3. Environmental consciousness

People are becoming more environmental-conscious consumers nowadays because of the easy access to news and other information. With the increase of awareness of what’s happening in the world, millennials are now leaning towards sustainability. Unlike most fast foods and junk foods, sushi burritos, as well as most of Sushi Counter’s offerings, are packed with eco-friendly packaging and are wrapped with healthy seaweed.

4. Healthy Eating

Another millennial food trend will be healthy eating. Millennials are the most health-conscious consumers according to a 2017 study by Eventbrite. They're more paranoid about their health and are more concerned with healthy foods and fitness routines. This will shape how the food industry will look in 2018 as more and more fast food joints shift their focus from providing fast foods to healthy diets that will be incorporated in their menu. Sushi burritos stand to benefit from this development as it is a quick, healthy, and easy to eat item, hence, fitting the millennials' preferences.

5. Food technology

Technology has been progressing by the day. The internet penetration is in an all-time high and new technologies are springing up every day. The food industry stands a chance to benefit from this development and especially in the fast-food space. 2018 will see the rise and growth of home delivery technologies as millennials want flexibility and convenience.

Being able to order food from the comfort of their home is definitely on the priority of every millennial. Apps such as Zomato, UberEats, Deliveroo will become even more popular. Sushi Counter also jumped into the trend a few years back, allowing their consumers to order their favourite sushi dishes, and improving their online ordering system to satisfy their customers’ demands. Other Japanese restaurants in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Riyadh are looking at how they can have delivery-only kitchens that will specialise in take-out foods only. Thinking about sushi burritos, you can see where this is heading.

6. Security

A new emerging food trend is the need to have security in food places. Millennials are very sceptical about their security. They will not go to a restaurant that does not have enough security. This year, we’ll see most food joints beef up their security to encourage more consumers to come in. With the current state of the world security, it is obvious why this will be a trend in 2018.

The History of Sushi Burrito

In 2011, Peter Yen, the founder of Sushirrito, wanted to have a bite of sushi but did not have the time to sit down and enjoy the meal. He came up with the idea of making sushi in the form of a burrito where consumers could have their sushi on-the-go. This is what led him to establish his restaurant. Sushirrito is arguably one of the first restaurants to prepare sushi burrito and sell it to consumers.

His idea received a lot of accolades from the media, food bloggers, and celebrities. This led to the rise of sushi burrito with big food chains across America and now, around the globe, embracing the idea and selling the cuisine. Being delicious, an easy-to-eat food on-the-go, it soon gained a lot of fans and has been a trending food since its inception.

Top 5 Reasons why millennials love sushi burrito

Millennials are the generation of individuals who were born in the period between 1980 and 2000, basically, individuals aged between 18 years to 38 years. This generation has the highest levels of education compared to the previous generations with data from the U.S. Census Bureau, showing 40% of millennials aged 25-29 have a bachelor's degree. They're entrenched in businesses and are the true entrepreneurial generation according to a study done by Bentley University. They're also highly health-conscious and these factors have contributed to their love for sushi burrito in the recent years.

Listed down below are the top 5 reasons why millennials love sushi burrito. There are many other factors but these are the top ones.

1. Sushi Burritos are Healthy

Recent studies have shown that the leading cause of deaths in the US and the world, in general, are chronic diseases associated with poor lifestyle habits. Poor nutrition has negative effects on an individual's health and millennials have long identified this problem. A while ago, to have a healthy meal, one needed to sit down, prepare a nutritious meal, and take their time eating. A lot of time was consumed; on preparing and eating cooked meals, something that millennials find scarce considering their busy lives.

Sushi burritos came in as a saving grace millennials. They're easy to prepare, can be eaten anywhere, and to top it all, they are healthy. Prepared with fresh ingredients; raw fish, vegetables, sticky rice, sushi burritos are a fully nutritious meal that provides every nutrient required in a balanced diet. As such, millennials have fallen in love with this cuisine and it is what has led to its growth.

2. Affordable

While looking for a healthy meal, sushi burritos beat all other meals with their affordable prices. Millennials are financially savvy. Sushi burritos come in as their preferred meal, which apart from being healthy are also budget-friendly.

3. Sushi Burritos are Convenient

Due to their busy lives, millennials want to have a meal while doing other activities like checking their social media platforms. Sushi burritos give them this convenience. You can eat them from anywhere as you partake in other activities. It, therefore, attracts the hearts of most millennials considering they are also healthy and affordable.

This high level of convenience has prompted various restaurants in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Riyadh to establish delivery options. A quick delivery makes it even easier to have a burrito at the comfort of your office or home. At the simple click of a button, you can have your meal delivered in the shortest time possible. It makes enough sense why millennials have fallen in love with them.

4. Sushi burritos are unique and exotic

To most people in the UK and other non-Asian countries, sushi burritos are exotic. They're not a cuisine you will normally have at home or grew up enjoying. It is for this reason that sushi burritos are a darling to many millennials. The concept of your favourite seafood shaped to a burrito gives the consumers that exotic feel and the ability to enjoy a diverse meal from a different background.

5. Sushi Burritos are Delicious

It goes without saying that sushi burritos are delicious. This delectable cuisine makes for a mouth-watering meal at an affordable price. This, combined with the above four factors, makes sushi burritos the love of many millennials.

With well-prepared raw fish, Japanese sticky rice, and different ingredients stacked up into the roll, the nosh makes for a perfect meal for most millennials including options for vegan sushi in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Riyadh. Millennial’s taste buds are diverse, and they want an equally diverse meal. Sushi burrito fits that role perfectly.

Is Sushi Burrito Overrated?

Certainly not. They are delicious, by and large, easy to eat, affordable and healthy. They make a good substitute for those deep-fried fast foods with lower nutritional value. Sushi burritos are also a good source of omega 3 from the fish.

Sushi burritos bring out the intermarriage of different cultures, Latin and Asian, and have a complete sense of belonging to every racial background. They know no barrier. Everyone enjoys them. It is no wonder they have become so popular and their critics feel that the popularity has made them lose their intended “sui generis”. But they're here to stay and will take a very long time before they're off anyone's list of healthy, affordable, on-the-go foods.

Sushi Burrito in UAE and Saudi

Sushi burrito has gained popularity beyond American countries reaching as far as the Middle East. Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Riyadh have benefited from this trend since they're located in a highly metropolitan location where businesses and people from all regions meet.

The high level of social and cultural diversification in these two cities has seen an increase in the need for more exotic cuisines, for the tourists and even to the residents. Being commercial cities, individuals doing businesses have little time to sit down and take hour-long meals as they're constantly looking to save time. Majority of business owners are also millennials between the ages of 20 and 40 and this has led to the increased demand for healthy quick easy-to-eat foods. Sushi burrito is one such food that has benefited from this growing demand.

Due to this, a couple of Japanese restaurants have sprung up in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, even in Riyadh, to catch up with this current trend. With the goal of increasing their competitive advantage, they provide high quality healthy Asian cuisines to cater to this generation.

One such restaurant is Sushi Counter. With Sushi Counter, you are guaranteed a memorable taste of this cuisine.

Sushi Counter

Arguably one of the best sushi restaurants in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Sushi Counter captures the breath of every diner with its beautiful interior and serene environment. Located in convenient locations and with affordable prices and quick delivery, it offers an innovative focus to fast foods. Apart from specially prepared sushi burritos, the restaurant offers several other dishes including poke bowls, soup and noodles, Chirashi, Ceviche and Tartares, Sashimi, among others.

Sushi Counter has its feet deeply submerged in authenticity. They look to provide authentic Japanese cuisines while using fresh ingredients at affordable prices. They also provide special dishes with each customer's preferences in mind and can cater for your personal needs, even for individuals with restrictive dietary requirements.

They also have a food delivery option when you're looking to receive your meal at the comfort of your office or home. Their delivery options are quick, fast and take an average of 1 hour to have your meals at your doorstep. One can order through a phone call or on their website. Simply select the meal you want and follow the checkout procedure and your meal will be delivered to you right at your doorstep.

With a loving, kind customer service, dining in Sushi Counter is a fluid experience with satisfying meals. They look to make your experience as enjoyable as possible with their friendly tone and faces. Make it a point when ordering sushi burritos in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Riyadh to have Sushi Counter be your number one go-to restaurant.


Sushi burritos are an all-around meal that has a surfeit of health benefits and are convenient. Millennials have fallen in love with this cuisine because of its eccentric nature and affordability, and the convenience that comes with them. Being able to enjoy a nice meal while doing other work around you, or moving about is a right that every millennial feels entitled to, and sushi burrito gives it to them.

These perks have made them become a trend on the rise and is definitely one of the food trends to watch in 2018. The current health-conscious millennial would rather enjoy a higher priced healthy meal than for some cheap food with low to no nutritional benefits.

If you're looking for a good sushi burrito painstakingly prepared with the ultimate authenticity in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Riyadh, look no more. Sushi Counter is one of the leading providers of sushi burritos and you are guaranteed a taste of your life when you order one from them. And to leave you with a Mark Twain quote, "Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside."

Sushi Burrito - Millennials Favourite Food Trend in 2018

When sushi burrito was first released in the market, its creator had no idea the level of buzz it would cause both in the media and fast food industry arena. It was just a simple idea that would later revolutionise the way sushi was consumed.Typically, Sushi is eaten with...