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Sushi Catering in Dubai & Abu Dhabi: Ideas for your Party Requirements

on 14th Jan, 2018

Catering: Taking the stress out of Entertaining

There seem to be two kinds of people who entertain at home. One kind sends a casual shout out on social media and then wait for however many friends show up to order a couple of boxes of pizza or a few greasy bags of burgers and fries, then gobble everything while slouching in front of the TV. The other kind of people spend days putting together a guest list, then even more time prepping and cooking and setting up. But there is a middle way, a better way. Whether your entertaining style is slacker or obsessive-compulsive, you can throw the most amazing party with some outside help. Having people over for a meal at your home is one of the best ways to reconnect with friends, bond with colleagues, and catch up with the family. It’s more personal than a restaurant and shows you really care. There’s a reason why from ancient times we talk about the ritual of breaking bread with someone, and why in Arab culture people who have eaten bread and salt together are bonded for life. Great food is the cornerstone of a successful party. Catering your party just allows you to focus on what is most important making your guests feel welcome and pampered, decorating your home to show it off to the best advantage and selecting just the right music to play in the background. By choosing the right caterer for your party you can be confident that the food is being handled by experts who will prepare, serve and clean-up.

Sushi Parties: the Elegant & Fun Home Entertaining Choice

There are many catering companies in Dubai, but rather than serving the regular party fare, Sushi catering can make any social gathering even more interesting. Is there a more elegant food? It seems exotic, mysterious and expensive. It is all those things, but it’s more. I’ve come to think of it as the perfect party food. And these days as it has become more popular, you can get very high-quality Sushi at relatively reasonable prices. The small portion sizes mean that one is encouraged to experience many different flavours and textures all within the same meal.

The story of how Sushi, a centuries-old method of food preparation travelled from Japan to California and then took over the world is fascinating. Sushi has been around in one form or another for centuries, starting basically as a way of preserving fish by using rice and vinegar. What we now recognize as Sushi began as a street food innovation in the early 19th century, small servings of cold rice garnished with different varieties of fish, vegetables or egg. It gradually spread out from Tokyo throughout Japan then jumped the Pacific to reach California in the 20th century where Sushi restaurants mostly catered to the Japanese community. By the 1970s an interest in Asian culture coupled with a desire for more healthy food helped Sushi to become more attractive to the wider American public. With the move to America and the invention of new combinations such as the California roll, Sushi started to become a global phenomenon.

Sushi Counter: Your perfect hosting partner

Sushi seems to be the perfect food for Dubai – traditional and modern at the same time. Centuries old skills combined with up-to-date innovation and creativity. In Dubai, Sushi started to be served around 30 years ago and since that time it has become very popular here as well, with world-class Sushi chefs working in many dining establishments. Sushi is a global food, so it makes sense that is so popular in Dubai this most global of cities.

While, there are lots of Sushi places in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, one of the best has to be Sushi Counter because of the passion they bring to serving fresh quality ingredients and to preparing creative fun dishes. Unpretentious but cool, Sushi Counter has nine different locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. You can also conveniently order online and get your favorite dishes delivered.

Sushi Counter is mindful of the authentic flavors of old Japan but mixes it up by creating new recipes using the freshest and most flavorful ingredients. From the traditional Japanese chirashi to a poke bowl, Sushi Counter’s chefs have the talent and experience to seamlessly blend the centuries-old rituals of Sushi with funky present day street food; the secret to really great cooking. They serve sushi, sashimi, hot meals, salads and snacks and freshly squeezed juices. There is something to appeal to every taste and every appetite.

This range and variety of dishes, makes Sushi Counter your perfect entertaining partner. You can hire a chef to come to your home and lovingly prepare the dishes in front of your guests or work quietly behind the scenes. You can also choose to have trained serving staff circulate among your invitees with platters of specially prepared Japanese inspired party foods. Sushi Counter can accommodate any size party, from just a few friends to a big corporate blow-out. The Sushi catering team will guide you through the menu; helping you to choose the best options for your guests, whether they are Sushi newbies or Sushi aficionados and working within your budget. The extensive menu offers vegan, vegetarian, seafood, chicken and meat selections. You can even get items without any fish. Don’t forget to add some hot items like soups and noodles for people who don’t like cold food, and order plenty of scrumptious desserts like brownies, puddings and freshly sliced fruit to finish off the meal.

What’s so wonderful about a Sushi menu is that it can adapt to exactly the kind of occasion you are planning, a casual party for a few friends, a big corporate reception, or a more formal sit down meal. Sushi Counter will help you with the planning so that you will be on your way to giving all your guests, friends, family and loved ones a special event with warmth, laughter, and incredible food.

Sushi Catering in Dubai & Abu Dhabi: Ideas for your Party Requirements

Catering: Taking the stress out of EntertainingThere seem to be two kinds of people who entertain at home. One kind sends a casual shout out on social media and then wait for however many friends show up to order a couple of boxes of pizza or a few greasy bags...