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Sushi Delivery in Abu Dhabi and Dubai (The Growing Food Trend)

on 25th Apr, 2018

As far as cities go, it is not often that one sees the rate of growth as can be seen in those in the United Arab Emirates. Not only is this growth economical but it is proving to be both social and cultural as well. Cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi are seeing more and more trends from abroad take pride of place within their walls. As fashion became a huge selling point for these cities, so now has food culture, with Japanese food and sushi delivery, being at the top of that list.

Introduction to food culture in the UAE

All around the world, there seems to be a revolution taking place. It has become much more commonplace for people to care about what they are eating and also to try the cuisines of other countries. Food culture as it is known has captured the hearts and souls of people everywhere.

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The sweeping ‘foodie’ craze has pretty much left no stone unturned when it comes to the search for good food and the pleasures that lay within. Cities like London, Paris and New York have all had their times though as the more popular destinations for food lovers. The reason for their popularity being that they were bustling cities and hubs of new culture, where anything was possible. Although these cities are still bustling, their popularity when it comes to food culture at least has faded recently. The cause of this slight loss in popularity is the sudden surge of food culture in other places - places like the United Arab Emirates.

It was not so long ago that the food culture in the UAE consisted for the most part of Emirati cuisine. The local dishes are widely available and cooked to perfection by those passionate enough to do so. Then came the foreign cuisines from far and wide. In true UAE fashion, there was somewhat of a divide when it comes to how these cuisines were offered. You could of course dine in any number of world class restaurants all boasting award winning chefs and luxurious decors. But this in turn meant that there was far more focus given to where you dined than to the company you ate with. This would have, at the very least, stalled the progress of food culture here; but only for a while.

Inevitably the tides turned and the food craze took on a whole new phase of growth. This growth came in the form of smaller and more local food restaurants opening their kitchens throughout the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi to the most popular foreign restaurants.

The rise of the Japanese restaurants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Japanese food culture has taken the world by storm ever since it first made its way to the west. The world has over time only become more enthralled with the cuisine. The United Arab Emirates was no different. When the first Japanese restaurant opened in the UAE, however, they were much the same as the other foreign cuisines offered at the time. They were similarly fine dining experiences with top chefs and immaculately dressed tables.


The rapidly rising amount of people enjoying Japanese food in Dubai and Abu Dhabi has since then seen a growing need for more casual dining experiences as well as more dedicated food services which make it easier for a lover of Japanese food to get their hands on this delicious cuisine. Japanese food became widely available throughout all levels of dining experience which meant that the luxurious award-winning restaurants were no longer your only option for beautifully prepared Japanese cuisine.

Of the new types of Japanese restaurants opening within the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the ones that began to make waves were those offering a much more personal and casual approach to serving their customer. Some of these would then take that service one step further offering their customers the ability to order food and have it delivered to their home. This in itself was a small revolution in that there were food delivery services before, but many of these were commercial franchise type places that offered little in the way of quality traditional cuisines. Now you could have the real deal delivered fresh to your front door.


This changed things; it meant that there was now a rising standard in the Japanese food on offer in the UAE as well as a widening variety. It was this that continued to push the growth of Japanese food culture within Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Japanese food lovers all over the UAE now have the ability to order their favourite traditionally Japanese dish directly to their home, or they could head down to one of new casual dining outlets dotted throughout the cities.

One dish took this casual nature even further and in doing so would give a nod to its origins. Sushi began life as a form of Japanese street food. This was a dish for the working men and women of Japan’s busy industrial areas. It was in a prior life, a food invented by and for the poorer members of society at that time. This working-class snack became the staple diet of an entire cross-section of the country. One reason being that the fish which lay atop the hand-shaped and vinegared rice was one of the cheapest forms of protein you could get your hands on at the time. And hands-on is the term, as Sushi was traditionally eaten with your hands and not with the chopsticks that many westerners have taken to using when eating Sushi.

The dishes offered by Sushi vendors were not only a cost-effective form of food, they were amazingly good, freshly made (mostly in front of you) and they were a good food to eat on the move.

Sushi made sense to many people for so many reasons that when it first came about in Edo which is now Tokyo, the number of Sushi vendors was far higher than most other types of food vendor.

The Sushi sensation took root deeply in its birthplace of Japan but very soon began to gain popularity in other places all over the world. Food lovers began to look for more unique food experiences with rich histories and real skill involved in the creation of each dish. Some places would even see an explosion of fusion Sushi such as the Brazilian Sushi restaurants that found success due to the fact that the largest population of Japanese people outside of Japan is in Brazil.

The rest of the food world soon discovered that there was an age-old, history-rich, skilfully prepared traditional Japanese dish that could be enjoyed by anyone. Still, it would be a while until the quality of food from delivery services would come close to matching that of their fine dining counterparts, but even then, you could find yourself paying far more than the food was worth.

Sushi then has seen an end to having to pay over the odds or needing to attend the finest of restaurants in order to indulge in the culinary wonder that is traditional Japanese food. This example of art meeting cuisine can now be accessed from the comfort of your couch. From a humble street food to fine dining cuisine delivered to your door, Sushi and Sushi delivery services from restaurants such as Sushi Counter really are revolutionizing the way in which ‘foodies’ all over Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the rest of the United Arab Emirates enjoy one of their favourite types of food.

Sushi Delivery in Abu Dhabi and Dubai; the growth of a new trend

The widespread appreciation for Japanese cuisine has meant that one of its most famous, not to mention most loved dishes, is now available almost everywhere. The world has seen a rise in sushi’s popularity and is now widely available in most supermarkets and on most high streets. Good quality sushi delivery services, however, are a bit harder to come by and finding the best sushi delivery Dubai has to offer or the closest sushi delivery Abu Dhabi customers can order from becomes an important talking point. Sushi delivery restaurants were not always as popular in the UAE as they are nowadays. This was mainly because you would struggle to find good quality fresh sushi outside of an acclaimed restaurant. That is no longer the case and the sushi delivery service Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the rest of the UAE offers is now regarded as amongst the best anywhere outside of Japan itself.   
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The sushi delivery service in Dubai is now offering sushi lovers much like the sushi delivery service in Abu Dhabi; top notch. As the quality became a point of competition amongst the newer food joints, so did the variety of offers or packages available. Sit in or take away, the offer was great Japanese food on the go. The new craze of offering a fine dining sushi experience at home took off and has had many a sushi delivery company vying for top spot amongst a growing number of sushi delivery services. Word of mouth and good press at times highlights makes the best sushi delivery services available in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the whole UAE and amongst these, Sushi Counter ranks higher than most.

Sushi Delivery: the pros and the cons

When weighing up the benefits and the downsides of a service such as sushi delivery, you have to take many factors into account. Here is a service that offers the customers the chance to have well-prepared and traditional Japanese food delivered to their homes or even their workplaces. This means that if you want top quality and beautifully presented Sushi, you no longer need to attend one of the fine dining establishments. You do not even need to head down to a smaller restaurant or even a high-street sushi counter. Now you are able to call and have sushi delivered 24 hours a day. The availability of this service has seen the popularity of Sushi rising further still. Sushi is taking the place of sandwiches or other sharing type dishes that are regularly served at parties or in business meetings. It is also one of the more common lunch items and is finding its way into more and more sectors of city life.

There are but a few downsides to the Sushi delivery services available throughout Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the rest of the Emirates. Perhaps the only ones worth mentioning are cost and quality of both service and the final product. When you order your Sushi you would like to think that the two go hand in hand and that when you pay more, you will be given not only a better service but you will end up with a superior dish. This is not always the case. The rapid growth of the popularity in Sushi delivery services has seen some companies capitalising on the profits on offer. There are, amongst the large number of services, only a few that tick all the boxes. Of course if you want your food to be cheap and easy, then there are services available just for you. Most customers of Sushi delivery services, however, have a need for a quality product. Really good sushi is an experience in itself and far transcends the norms associated with food delivery. If then you ensure that the company that you are ordering from provides great quality Sushi and if the price you are paying is worth the service that you receive, there can be very little chance of getting Sushi delivered turns bad.

Sushi’s popularity has and always will be a favourite, not only to Asians, but also to every foodie who has enjoyed its benefits and unique flavours. This is no doubt why it has seen such a rise in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the rest of the UAE and Middle East countries. Ordering Sushi has become, for so many people, much more than an opportunity to explore this wonderfully traditional Japanese cuisine. It offers people the chance to share that experience with their friends or colleagues. The option of having hand-crafted selections of delicious Sushi delivered to your desk for lunch or to the conference room for the big meeting, but most importantly, to the comfort of your homes for you to enjoy at your own pace, in your own environment, has opened the hearts of many to the world of Sushi Delivery.

Choosing the Best Sushi Delivery Option in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

While there are indeed a fair few choices out there if you want to have Sushi delivered to your door, remember that amongst those, there are still some restaurants that tend to overcharge, or those that deliver poor quality food and those that are not available to deliver in your area. There are then only a few to choose from, that is if quality and affordability matter to you. So who do you choose? Well amongst the best sushi delivery services in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Sushi Counter is definitely one of your best choices.  

With a very much new and fresh approach to the Japanese cuisine, Sushi Counter have taken the view that there should be an affordable Sushi delivery service in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. that does not only offer restaurants at convenient locations, but that have a menu consisting of only the best quality foods and a great selection of services. Not only does Sushi Counter offers home delivery, but they also offer sushi catering to your parties and events. Sushi Counter can even help you add that little something to your day by renting your very own Sushi chef for your office or home.  

Sushi Counter prides themselves on providing great quality, freshly handmade and well-presented dishes at a reasonable price. Deciding to go this way was a brave choice for a small company entering a market where most would happily charge the same high prices regardless of the quality of their service. But luckily, this bold tactic has paid off and allowed many more people to enjoy the wonders of good quality and decently priced Sushi.      

Order from Sushi Counter today!

There you have it then, if you find yourself craving what is fast becoming one of the most popular types of take away food across the United Arab Emirates, then place your order through Sushi Counter’s online ordering system. Your nearest restaurant will prepare the highest quality Sushi that you can get delivered to you, and one of the most reasonable prices around. There are other Sushi delivery services to choose from, but if you want a quality service and a price that allows you to happily enjoy the experience of eating Sushi, then Sushi Counter is your choice. Browse through their unique sushi menu today and have your favourite cuisine delivered.

Sushi Delivery in Abu Dhabi and Dubai (The Growing Food Trend)

As far as cities go, it is not often that one sees the rate of growth as can be seen in those in the United Arab Emirates. Not only is this growth economical but it is proving to be both social and cultural as well. Cities such as Dubai and...