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23 Sushi Dishes to Try in 2019

on 25th Apr, 2019

Sushi Dishes to Try in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

The best way to begin the new year is with new experiences, whether these experiences involve buying plane tickets or simply ordering some sushi delivery in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. New experiences can be travel-related, seeing new places and getting in touch with new cultures. They can also be work and study-related when you get to learn new things and gain new skills, or they can mean meeting new people and making new friends. But that is not all. You can experience something new every single day, by trying new delicious dishes, from various traditions and cultures all around the world from the comfort of your home.

Get a taste of the Japanese culture

Who said you have to go all the way to Japan in order to get in touch with their culture and traditions? You can do it in the commodity of your living room, without even leaving the house: just order sushi online in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE, sit back and enjoy all the benefits of discovering a new country while comfortably sitting on your sofa.

If you are a foodie who likes to experience the world through the various dishes and traditional cuisine, then Japan will definitely take your senses in a unique taste adventure through their various and vast plates! We have prepared for you some recommendations that will help you grasp the unique aroma of this exotic Asian culture.

California and the Family of Rolls

California Rolls

The California rolls are a mix of the Japanese sushi art making that gained its renounce by being one of the most beloved types of sushi in the United States. It’s simple makizushi that is rolled inside-out leaving the rice layer on the outside (uramaki). These are often sprinkled with sesame seeds or tobiko which helps them get a very satisfying texture.

The avocado squad

Another feature of the California rolls is the presence of the avocado. Most of these recipes feature this tasty and nutritious fruit, providing the consumer with a meal that will both fascinate the taste buds and also provide the body with the best nourishment.

Shrimp Avocado California Roll – It’s a simple tasty and healthy roll that will fill you up with good vibes! This particular kind of sushi has as basic ingredients avocado, shrimp and brown rice, topped with a delicious spicy mayo and layered with cucumber for extra freshness. These rolls can be the perfect taste to start a fresh week!

Salmon Avocado California Roll – If you’re not a shrimp fan, you can always go for the salmon! Together, the salmon and the avocado, make an iconic pair in the sushi world, one that you must try as soon as possible. The white sesame seeds and creamy spicy sauce add a great texture that will augment your good mood and fill you with energy!

Crab Avocado California Roll – another avocado combo that’s worth trying is the crab roll. With a unique flavour, this recipe has a great creamy texture provided by the creamy sauce together with the tobiko. Also, the sauce will ensure the right amount of spiciness that will light up your day!

Mango Avocado California Roll – This spicy and sweet mix will thrill every part of your taste buds, all the way to the stomach, leaving you with a great sushi experience. Salmon, mango, and avocado are the strong base of the dish. Some extra flavours are added by the cucumber, black sesame seeds, and spicy miso, creating a unique taste which must be tried this 2019.

Passion Rainbow Dragon California Roll – It’s a roll that brings together tuna and salmon meat in a really unique combination. The two types of raw fish are further flavoured with fresh cucumber and avocado, having as the last ingredient, the creamy spicy sauce to help blend everything together.

Eel California Roll – If you didn’t know by now, eel and salmon make a great couple! And together with some cucumber and avocado can contribute to providing you with a great nutritious and tasty meal.

Panko Shrimp Summer Roll – Shrimp and avocado, with two types of lettuce, black sesame seeds, and a creamy spicy sauce are a perfect combination to be tasted during long summer days. This green roll is more than a bite; it’s a breath of fresh air on your plate that will bring you the energy to enjoy the coming summer in the best way!

These are some of the bites that you should definitely try this year and in the next years to come. But they are merely a small piece if we think about the big variety of dishes you can find when it comes to ordering sushi in Dubai and all over the country. But if all these avocado sushi dishes didn’t convince you to dive into the Japanese cuisine, don’t worry, we have more options to recommend!

A world of salmon

Salmon Sushi Platter

Crispy Salmon California Roll
– A fine blend of creamy and crunchy, this is a roll that will melt in your mouth. The flavoured smoked salmon, together with the cucumber and chive will turn your plate into a live experience, and the creamy cheese will help to blend them all together in a tasty, delicious bite.

Salmon Tataki Sushi – This simple, yet delicious sushi is the perfect snack for any kind of event you may plan. Whether if you just want a nice, quiet and relaxing evening with your friends, or you may have a more formal encounter, this Japanese carpaccio will definitely delight your guests.

Caramelised Salmon California Roll – Another California delight, this roll brings together the taste of fresh salmon and cucumber, put together in crunchy rice crackers and glued with a creamy spicy sauce. On top of that, the tobiko will guarantee a unique texture, ensuring an experience which will awake all of your senses!

Salmon Roll – This simple roll is perfect for people who like a more traditional Japanese approach. Even though they are made with only the basic ingredients, the salmon rolls do not lack complexity. The smooth texture and intense flavour of salmon with the sushi rice is one of the most authentic experiences one can get when it comes to Japanese traditional food.

Salmon & Chives Cream Summer Roll – The perfect bite for a hot summer day, this recipe is light and delicious. Salmon, cream cheese and lettuce are the best combination which will freshen up your palate while giving you the suitable nourishment to be active and full of energy.

Salmon Sweet Spicy Roll – This one is another simple, yet astonishing roll which brings together the unique taste of salmon with the spicy miso, in a mix that will thrill your senses. Going to the basic ingredients don’t always mean a lack of taste or texture and these rolls are the best proof of it.

Salmon Spicy California Roll – We reach the California sushi dream one more time with yet another exquisite dish. Salmon and green apples – it’s a mix meant to blow your mind and your taste buds. And be careful! This is a spicy one. The aroma of the creamy spicy sauce is enhanced by the chili powder to heat up your sushi experience.

Sushi Counter California Roll – Another roll with a great texture, featuring tobiko, this dish should definitely be on the Must-try in 2019 list. Salmon and cucumber for flavour, tobiko and white sesame seeds for texture, and creamy spicy cheese in between is an experience that will, for sure, stay with you throughout the year.

Salmon is always a great choice among fish lovers. Its great nutritional value is exceeded only by its delicious taste turning this meat into the first choice for most of the food adventurous people. But if salmon is not your favourite type of fish, you can go explore the rest of the California sushi dishes that have tuna as the basic ingredient. The Japanese food joints and sushi catering in Dubai and Abu Dhabi offer a wide array of choices where you can definitely find your own perfect fit.

Not so Basic Tuna

Tuna Sushi Platter

Tuna Volcano California Roll
– This California roll will definitely unleash an explosion of flavours in your mouth. The rice crackers hold together a combination of textures – tuna and black sesame seeds; and flavours –spring onion and togarashi powder, which, together with the tobiko on the outer shell, will offer you a full experience of Japanese cuisine.

Tuna Tataki Sushi – A great alternative to the salmon tataki piece, this tuna tataki sushi is also a perfect snack either for some official events or casual evenings. Simple, yet delicious, this will bring a classy touch to your refreshments table and will satisfy even the pickiest person from your company.

Tuna Roll – The simple tuna roll appeals to the most basic senses, giving a simple, yet smooth and enjoyable experience. This traditional bite is the perfect way to experience the old ways of the Japanese art of sushi making, getting as close as possible to the most simple and authentic dishes.

Tuna Spicy California Roll – This spicy dish brings together the fresh sweet and sour taste of the green apple with the stimulating flavour and texture of tuna, enhanced by the white sesame seeds. All these, spiced up with chilli powder and a creamy spicy sauce are a great way to celebrate the complexity of this particular kind of Asian cuisine.

Tuna & Tobiko California Roll – Last but not least, this mix of tuna and tobiko can provide you with a unique, irreplaceable experience. These two ingredients together with the texture of white sesame seeds, the freshness of the cucumber and the soft creamy spicy sauce are not to be ignored if you decide to have an incursion in the Japanese traditional cuisine.

Sushi without the Fish

Vegetable Sushi

Even though sushi dishes are based on fish meat, there is no reason why vegetarians and vegans should not get a taste of this unique Japanese craft. Done correctly, the veggie versions of sushi can be the same as fascinating and mouthwatering as the traditional ones. If you decided to avoid meat but you still want to get the flavoured experience of this Asian culture, you can try one of the plant-based options and enjoy the vegetarian and vegan sushi in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Sweet Garden California Roll – Made with avocado, carrots, cucumber, and crispy onions, this roll is a great way to get the California sushi dream experience with no meat or animal products inside. Also, the sweet chilli sauce will definitely bring you closer to the authentic Japanese experience!

Black Garden California Roll – This mix is not only vegan-friendly but it is also gluten-free, being the perfect option for someone who wants to experience the Japanese cuisine in a 100% animal friendly and also healthy way. Avocado, asparagus, carrot, and cucumber are mixed together with a creamy spicy sauce and black rice, turning this dish into a guilt-free delicacy.

Begin 2019 with mouthwatering sushi experiences

This list gathers the best choices in matters of sushi in Dubai. The big variety makes it easy for everyone to find their favourite mix and to experience the best tastes of Japan. If you plan to have a cultural night with your friends, our recommendation is to agree on ordering as many varieties of sushi as possible and share them among each other. This way you can turn your meal in a sushi tasting which will enrich your knowledge about traditional Japanese dishes. And don’t worry about the vegan friend. There are a lot of vegan sushi options in Dubai and Abu Dhabi also!

If you are searching for the best place to order sushi in Dubai, why not order from Sushi Counter? With a great variety of dishes, we offer the best sushi delights, being appreciated all over Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia. You can order traditional rolls and platters which will leave a long lasting impression on your senses and will convince you that improving your knowledge of Japanese cuisine should be one of the main goals in 2019.

So whether you are planning to order sushi in Dubai and relax at home, or have a casual get-together with your friends in the resto, no matter what your demands are, we got you covered. Great food in a big variety, with both traditional and non-conventional options, veggie and gluten-free friendly, you can find there everything you need in order to explore the Japanese cuisine in a unique way.

So stop having second thoughts and start planning your cultural immersion in the secrets of Japanese traditional dishes. Turn 2019 into a year of adventure and order sushi online to experience first-hand this tasty and mouthwatering world of spices and flavours which will leave you wordless and satisfied.

23 Sushi Dishes to Try in 2019

Sushi Dishes to Try in Dubai and Abu DhabiThe best way to begin the new year is with new experiences, whether these experiences involve buying plane tickets or simply ordering some sushi delivery in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. New experiences can be travel-related, seeing new places and getting in touch...