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Sushi Lovers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, We’re Here to ‘Maki’ Your Day

on 02nd Oct, 2018

An Introduction to great sushi restaurant: About Sushi Counter

There really are a very few of the affordable Japanese restaurants Dubai and Abu Dhabi have currently that can satisfy any sushi lover. There was once a time when you wanted to eat great quality sushi, you would have to empty your wallet or purse. There were a number of restaurants that served fresh great quality sushi, but they were at the top end of the F&B market. This meant that not only did you have to pay a lot to enjoy your favourite food but you also had to eat out since sushi restaurants in Abu Dhabi and Dubai did not have delivery options back then.

Oh, how times have changed. Now the best sushi in Abu Dhabi and Dubai can be ordered online and delivered to your door. But what makes Sushi Counter stand out? And how is it that our fans refer to us as one of the best Japanese restaurants in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Well the answer is simple. We don’t just make sushi, we specialise in the creation of sushi, sashimi and other Japanese speciality rolls.

The reason that we stand above the rest is because we are beyond passionate about all aspects of our food. But our passion does not stop there. We extend the same passion to our service so we can better allow our customers to enjoy the amazing food that we make. We have created a new concept which is an innovative and refreshing approach to fast food. We match our superior quality sushi, with speed of service and at affordable prices that is within everyone’s reach.

Our amazing products offer consistent freshness, great tastes and flavours, and an authentic food experience, not to mention great health benefits. All our food is made fresh with the utmost care in our boutiques by our own staff of sushi chefs. Because the sushi is made fresh on the premises, it can be savoured in-house, ordered and picked up, or even delivered to your door in our attractive and earth-friendly packaging. Our team of great chefs are experts at their trade and they are able to concoct and create inventive and exclusive recipes which are incomparable to anything else on the market. This is also due to the fact that all of the fresh ingredients that our chefs use are delivered to our restaurants daily.

Our approach to Japanese cuisine here at Sushi Counter is a unique one. Our concept is both responsible and progressive, and is made up of people who love life and are passionate about sushi. With a dedicated team sharing both passion and experience, we are able to help both seasoned sushi lovers and first timers discover the amazing and fascinating art of sushi. We show them that sushi can be an important part of a healthier and more enjoyable lifestyle. It is our belief that you need to both inspire the soul and stimulate the senses through healthy eating. Our idea of a healthy lifestyle includes the notion of pleasure and so by harnessing inspiration from various cultures around the world to reinvent Japanese cuisine is our passion.

Each and every year we renew our collection and offer brand new creations that are based on our travels or current trends.

What makes Sushi Counter your MUST-TRY sushi joint?

People choose their favourite restaurants for a whole host of different reasons. They will choose to go to the restaurant that best suits their specific needs and delivers exactly what they are looking for in a dining experience. The same goes for those restaurants serving sushi Dubai and Abu Dhabi-wide. Sushi lovers all over Abu Dhabi and Dubai will be choosing to dine at restaurants that offer them the food experience they are looking for as well as the price range and atmosphere that best suits them.  And Sushi Counter has become a popular destination amongst these sushi lovers.

So, what is it then that makes Sushi Counter your must-try sushi joint? Well, it is no secret and the positive reviews say it all.

The Food

Sushi Platter from Sushi CounterOf all the very many reasons for Sushi Counter’s success in the region, food remains number one on the list. No restaurant will ever be called a ‘must-try’ restaurant if their food is not some of the best around. Food is, of course, the point and the main focus of the restaurant trade from the start so it pays to serve up great food.

The rising number of sushi lovers across Abu Dhabi and Dubai tends to have more of a need for quality than most other diners. This is probably due to the fact that good sushi is made using only the freshest ingredients; the fresher the better. What this has led to is the success of those sushi restaurants in Abu Dhabi and Dubai that provide only the best ingredients that are delivered on a daily basis.

Here are what the sushi lovers of Abu Dhabi and Dubai have to say after their Sushi Counter dining experiences.

One customer who was amazed at the range of Japanese dishes available at her local Sushi Counter said:
“Tasty food and great value for money! Tried the summer rolls! The rice rolls and the poke bowl and also the burrito.”
She also said that they were all very tasty and that she would not hesitate to order from Sushi Counter again.

The concept behind Sushi Counter and the way we approach the food that we serve is definitely a fresh one. This is proving to be key to our success in the food industry in the UAE market and is why we are now one of the market leaders. Our customers are clearly benefiting from our fresh approach which can be seen in the way that they speak about the food here at Sushi Counter

A self-named ‘Sushi Virgin’ who recently began her Sushi story, Abu Dhabi style by visiting a Sushi Counter restaurant said:
“Good start for a sushi virgin…. a vegetarian one…. I always wanted to try sushi, but always found a lack of Vegetarian options at most of the sushi restaurants I visited.”
This customer was very happy with the choice that he was allowed, as a vegetarian, eating at a sushi restaurant. 

At Sushi Counter, we want to allow all types of diners to enjoy the amazing experience that sushi can bring. Our sushi chefs have created a delicious range of both Vegetarian and Vegan alternatives to the most popular sushi dishes. Sushi Counter’s selection of Vegetarian and Vegan options far surpasses the other Sushi restaurants in the region, making it even more of a must-try Sushi joint for these types of diners.

Another five-star review coming from a satisfied Sushi Counter customer said:
“Who says you need to visit a restaurant for you to try Japanese food? Nah!! Sushi Counter in IBN food court offers a variety of Japanese foods, from salads to rolls and all your favourite Sushi dishes.”
The customer was astounded that you could get such a great and varied selection of freshly prepared and delicious Sushi without going to a restaurant.
Our passion for sushi that we prepare and serve here at Sushi Counter allows us to provide the same great product and amazing taste whether you are seated in one of our restaurants or have the food delivered to your home or workplace. Because our in-house sushi chefs prepare all our dishes to the same high quality, the sushi lovers of the UAE are now able to have that restaurant experience at home too.

A Sushi lover who visited Sushi Counter with friends recently said:
“Loved the chicken avocado sushi. Also liked the sushi burger. Like that there is the option of ordering single pieces of sushi if you do not want six pieces of the same type.”
One of the things that this customer loved most about Sushi Counter was that she was offered the chance to try more types of sushi because she could order one of each

A foodie and traveller who visited Sushi Counter in Dubai had this to say:
“I absolutely loved Sushi Counter in World Trade Centre. I visited them last month and ordered their Miso soup, vegetable poke and their Quinoa sushi rolls…”
A glowing review from another customer who enjoyed the varied and fresh menu available at one of the region’s much-loved sushi restaurants.

Our unique concept at Sushi Counter is to provide the best quality Japanese food that is both traditional yet innovative, at reasonable prices alongside a speedy yet great customer service. It is this focus on not just the food but the way that the customer is allowed to enjoy it, has kept customers coming back to us from far and wide.

Reviewers' Favourite Dishes from The Sushi Counter Menu:


The location of a restaurant is amongst the most important ingredients for success. Here at Sushi Counter, we have various great locations across the region and all with the same great quality of product and speed of service. While some of our locations are better located to pass through on your lunch break or after work, all Sushi Counter restaurants share our passion for fresh and delicious Sushi at a reasonable price.

One review that came from one of the many people that work near a Sushi Counter restaurant, visited on his lunch break, said:
Sushi Counter is the perfect place to grab a quick lunch whether you are sitting in or take away, or alternatively after work.”
Another satisfied sushi lover who benefited from the fact that Sushi Counter has a number of locations that serve the regions’ workforce.

Our locations are placed so that they can best serve those who enjoy eating our food. One key part of our concept at Sushi Counter is to provide the same great quality food whether our customer decides to order online and have it delivered, come in and collect it or sit in and dine at the restaurant. This means that we are the perfect sushi joint for heading out for a sit-down dinner, or you simply want some amazing Japanese food to enjoy at home.

A five-star review that came from a couple who were sightseeing in Dubai recently said:
“We were in [the] Dubai Mall for our Burj Kha[l]ifa tour after a long morning sightseeing and we were hungry! We didn’t want burgers or pizza so we quickly decided on Sushi……we devoured our food and did both comment that it was really good Sushi.”
These hungry travellers were able to enjoy sushi rather than going for the cliché and far too common pizza or burger options because of our great location.

Several of our locations are perfect for passing by when you are travelling through the region. This even includes a few great locations for grabbing something to eat while on your way to or from one of the amazing sightseeing opportunities in the area.

One reviewer that ate at our Marina restaurant recently said:
“Of the different Sushi restaurants in the Marina and nearby areas, Sushi Counter is quite far a superior Sushi place…”
Another review that shows how our great choices of location allow for people to enjoy our food as well as compare it to our competition.


The staff of any restaurant is not only the face of the restaurant but they are the beating heart within it too. When the staff enjoy what they do, then that can have an amazing effect on the diner’s experience. Our staff here at Sushi Counter all believe in and stand by our concept of providing great and fresh sushi with amazing service.

Reviews about our staff have proved our quality service:
“Staff are friendly…”

“The staff are very friendly and helpful.”

“The service was fast and amazing.”

“Service was good and the food served in mere minutes.”

“Great service and delicious food, simple but well developed.”

“Staff are good and hospitable.”

Ordering Online (For pick-up or delivery)

To make a restaurant your must-try and new favourite, they will definitely need to be able to deliver. Or at the very least, allow you to order and pick up. Well, at Sushi Counter, we began with the concept of allowing customers to enjoy our food whatever way they would like. And the reviews show that this is paying off.

Here is what one happy customer had to say after ordering from Sushi Counter online:
“I ordered today some California rolls, a green garden and a Sushi burger and I was amazingly surprised by how fast it was delivered to me, and how accurate was the guy who delivered it to me. It was super tasty.”
This customer found the process easy, but was then amazed at how quick the delivery was.

Another customer also said:
“I recommend the place for a quick lunch, and if you live closer you can benefit from their delivery services in the evening.”


Sushi Counter Restaurant Design

Our concept of great service and an amazing product does not stop with the food that we serve here at Sushi Counter. We have attempted to mirror our fresh approach in the décor and design of our restaurants. Through innovative design, we have built locations with a great atmosphere so that the diner can better enjoy our amazing dishes.

Here is what some of our diners have to say about Sushi Counter restaurant Design:
“Hip and trendy Sushi Spot.”

“The ambience and décor are minimalist and tasteful.”

“Good sushi, service and atmosphere.”

“Good place and lovely food.”
As you can see, these reviews show that whatever it is that we are doing to ensure that our design matches our food and level of service – it is working.

Catering Options

There are not many Sushi restaurants in the region that offer the depth of service that Sushi Counter does. This is shown most prominently in the fact that we provide one of the best Sushi Catering services around. This has meant that now, it is possible for customers who know and love the sushi that we serve to have an event catered and share our amazing food with their friends and colleagues. So, whether it is a birthday party or a work event, why not order a range of delicious and freshly prepared sushi from our catering menu today. Ranging from small business meetings or working lunches to weddings and large corporate events, Sushi Counter is able to cater them all.

Well if our reviews are anything to go by then we, at Sushi Counter, clearly are ahead of the rest when it comes to sushi in the UAE.

Why not stop by at one of our locations or order online for home delivery. We look forward to serving you!

Sushi Lovers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, We’re Here to ‘Maki’ Your Day

An Introduction to great sushi restaurant: About Sushi CounterThere really are a very few of the affordable Japanese restaurants Dubai and Abu Dhabi have currently that can satisfy any sushi lover. There was once a time when you wanted to eat great quality sushi, you would have to empty your...