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Sushi Trends: 20 Instagrammable Sushis that Set Out the 2019 Trend

on 13th Oct, 2019
This old-time Japanese favourite gets revamped in all different shapes and sizes all the time. Sushi is loved by people of all ages. It contains a lot of flavours and includes either cooked or raw fish. Sushi is said to be first originated in Southeast Asia. Since then, sushi became popular all over Japan. Eating rice and fish combined became famous, and people tried different ways of creating this delicious and handful dish. The experiment never ended and continues. Sushi trend is growing!

Sushi is considered to be one of the most exotic dishes, and you will find sushi almost everywhere on earth. Sushi trend is spreading like haywire, and even if it originated in Asia, people from all over the world love to try this delicious dish. This rice-based delicacy is tempting, easy to digest, and comes in so many different varieties. In recent years, sushi dish has become one of the fascinating factors for so many sushi makers. Dubai is not behind as well. In fact, the sushi trend is so popular that sushi restaurants in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are experimenting on vegan sushi as well! Who would have thought, but why not? Why should vegans be left out? If you check out our vegetarian and vegan menu at Sushi Counter, and you will see that these options do not only look delicious but once you try it, you will crave for more!

This brings us to the top 20 sushi trends which you should follow and try, and yes, they’re great on Instagram too!

Tuna BurritoSushirrito or shall we call it Sushi Burrito

Just take a look at this fascinating sushi burrito – it looks quite fascinating. No wonder it is trending on Instagram. It might sound a bit bizarre, but sushi is a niche dish, and you can’t pick it up, walk down the street and eat. This is why you now have a sushi burrito that you can pick and enjoy it on the go. You can read more about this trend on our Sushi Burrito blog.

The insect sushi

Another weird, but quite exciting sushi currently trending on Instagram is this bizarre combination of sushi with insects! This dish was created by Chef Shiochi Uchiyama. He added not just grasshopper but added a few more creepy creatures which are not bad for your health. If you like to call yourself adventurous, then the insect sushi could be your thing. Dubai might also see this trend in the next coming years!

The Kit Kat Sushi

Another sushi trend which is making its round around the corner is the Kit Kat sushi. The reason why it is trending is that kids love it! It’s delicious, and the sushi is served along with a Kit Kat bar. What is not to love?

Haggis Sushi

Haggis is a pudding-like dish which is made of an animal’s liver, heart and trachea. Haggis is not popular among the vegans or the vegetarians, but the non-vegetarian eater quite loves it. Haggis sushi was also seen trending on Instagram.

Sushi Pizza

The Sushi Pizza

“How does that even work?” is what came to our mind when we first saw it trending. The sushi pizza includes different assorted fresh topping and of course the very important item of the dish, the raw fish and all together on a regular size pizza base.

                                 Image Source: Poke Burri

Salmon Burger

The Sushi Burger

Sushi burger is just another incredible invention and great, this sushi is trending! Sure, you can’t eat it on the go, and you will need a knife and fork to complete the entire meal, but it is indeed an excellent alternative to your regular burgers.
More sushi street food options here.

Ice Cream Sushi

To be honest, ice cream goes practically with everything. But, did you ever imagine trying a sushi ice cream? The chef chooses to include sushi rice or dried seaweed and then combine it with any ice cream. The reason why this is trending is that it is delicious and so delightful to look at.

Kani Miso

Another Instagrammable sushi trend is the Kani Miso, which is made of crab paste. The taste is quite pungent and rich. If you are a seafood lover, then Kani Miso will delight you with its taste. It might not look edible to you, but it sure does taste good.

Sushi Doughnut

The Sushi Doughnut

The sushi doughnut looks extraordinary, bright, colourful, and so tempting. We can only wonder why it took so many years for the sushi doughnut to trend on Instagram. Sushi doughnuts are quite easy to make and even more comfortable to eat. And this is probably the reason why these doughnuts are trending online. Surely, sushi doughnut looks very tempting.

                                      Image Source: Japan Centre

The Sushi Sandwich

Ready for a lunchbox friendly sushi, then say yes to sushi sandwich. You will see this sushi trending all over Instagram. And parents in general love to prepare it mainly because it is so easy to prepare. You don’t need any bamboo mat to roll it with. And kids love it!

The Cheeseburger Sushi

Another sushi trend where mix and match blend perfectly is the cheeseburger sushi. It shouldn’t surprise you why this sushi is trending on Instagram, though. You can add commonly used cheeseburger ingredients and finally wrap it in rice. If you love bacon, then feel free to add them too.

Lobster Lasagna Roll Sushi

Anything which looks good, doesn’t mean will taste good, but this trending lobster lasagna roll sushi looks and tastes good. Looking at the number of lobsters lasagna roll sushis being shared on Instagram; we can only imagine how good this sushi will be!

Poke Bowl

Poke bowls

Another delicious sushi-like dish that is trending on Instagram today is the Poke Bowl. It’s a raw fish salad and was originated in Hawaii. The toppings are influenced by Asian flavour of course. It has delicious flavours of soy sauce, furikake, and sesame oil. The poke bowls are taking Dubai by storm.
Confused how different poke bowls are from chirashi and ceviche? Read our blog to know the difference.

Torisashi (The Raw Chicken) Sushi

Torisashi is raw chicken-based sushi, which might not be appealing to many. Even though raw chicken meat might not be that healthy for consuming, people are still trying it, and that’s why it is trending on Instagram. No comment – we’ll let you be the judge.

Sushi Cake

The hashtag sushi birthday cake captured our attention. Adults, in general, are now skipping the basic birthday cake with a lot of fondants and ordering sushi cake instead from the best sushi catering in Dubai. This sushi dish is made in a traditional cake shape and has ingredients, for example, pickled vegetables, rice, sashimi, and more.

Marshmallow peep sushi

The marshmallow peep sushi looks adorable and fluffy that makes it hard to eat! They are shaped in small birds and are sweet as well. This type of sushi has become very popular in recent years.

Waffle breakfast sushi

Traditionally sushi is meant to be for lunch or evening snack and is not associated with breakfast. That being said, now we have something called waffle breakfast sushi, which is meant to be, well, for breakfast. This is one of the sushi dishes which doesn’t include rice. Sushi without the rice, but still it's setting the trend. These bite-size sushi shaped breakfast waffles can make you fall in love at the first bite.

Low- carb sushi

Sushi minus the carb might sound a bit odd to you, but this sushi does exist. Don’t judge too soon, it only removes the rice, but you get a bigger portion of fish though. Similar other versions of low-carb sushi include whey protein, raw fish wrapped in peeled cucumber, cauliflower rice, kimchi, egg, and even spinach wraps.

Sushi Tacos

Sushi Tacos

The internet loves food, which is mashed-up. And that’s why it makes total sense why sushi tacos are trending on the internet. It has got the crunch, the perfect chilli subs, and wasabi is included too. Sushi tacos are available in so many different styles; you can have a crab and greens, octopus, squid-ink tostadas, and more.

Buffalo Chicken sushi roll

The buffalo chicken sushi roll makes you feel that any food can get better when we have buffalo chicken in it. We are glad that this sushi is trending all over the web. It is unique and probably the easiest dish to try in this list. If you want to try this sushi, then you are in luck, because you can make this at home too!

Sushi-licious Trends

We can hardly wait to see all these trends to be served in all the specialised sushi restaurants. 2019 already looks a look appealing, and this will tell that 2020 will be even better for the sushi lovers because chefs specialising in sushi in Dubai and across the GCC, are all geared up to bring in new flavours, new design, and even better trends.

Craving for sushi from the long read? Order for delicious sushi delivery in Abu Dhabi and Dubai from Sushi Counter then get those cameras clicking for your next Instagram post!

Sushi Trends: 20 Instagrammable Sushis that Set Out the 2019 Trend

This old-time Japanese favourite gets revamped in all different shapes and sizes all the time. Sushi is loved by people of all ages. It contains a lot of flavours and includes either cooked or raw fish. Sushi is said to be first originated in Southeast Asia. Since then, sushi became...