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The Best Sushi To Eat When Losing Weight

on 14th May, 2017
Sushi is commonly thought of as a healthy food. Japanese restaurants across the world serve it, and it isn’t uncommon to see groups of health-conscious professionals gathered at a post-work happy hour enjoying a roll or two. Generally speaking, the more basic a roll, the better it is for you. Japanese restaurants in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and beyond take pride in fresh ingredients like rice and fish – why should they need to hide behind excess numbers off add-ons? When looking for the best sushi for weight loss, it’s important to follow a few key guidelines. Let’s take a look at a few key pointers and then discuss the best options.

Keep It Fresh

The best sushi in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Saudi is also the freshest sushi. Raw fish should be enjoyed at its peak, within 24 hours of being ready to serve. After that, the risk of bacteria greatly increases, and the health benefits of the piece of fish can be compromised. Japanese restaurants in Dubai and Riyadh such as Sushi Counter specialise in the freshest fish, prepared to order and always complemented with other fresh ingredients.

Fresh fish can help you lose weight simply because of the fact that it is low in calories and fat. When compared to other meat such as beef, fish offers similar high levels of protein without a layer of fat coating it all.

Avoid Tempura Batter and Fried Rolls

When eating sushi for weight loss, it doesn’t make sense to order a side of French fries, does it? We know how delicious tempura batter is, and the crunch added by flash frying a roll of sushi or piece of fish can really enhance its taste profile. But by adding a layer of deep fried batter to the recipe, you’re sacrificing the health benefits of eating fresh fish and vegetables.

Sticking with raw, uncooked vegetables and fish ensures that calories and fat are kept to a minimum, assisting with your weight loss goals. It also keeps away that lingering feeling of regret that comes with eating what you know you shouldn’t!
  • To satisfy your craving for crunch, opt for crunchy vegetables such as carrots and hijiki mix.
  • Soy sauce helps bring out the flavours of the rice and fish, meaning the tempura batter really is unnecessary to enjoy a great tasting roll.

Avoid Creamy Condiments and Cheese

At a fancy sushi restaurant, it’s tempting to splurge on a roll doused in a spicy aioli, or with a sizeable chunk of cream cheese. Unfortunately, these fatty additions can offset the healthier parts of the roll. The highlight of the best sushi experiences should be the rice and the fresh fish, not the sauces and other ingredients. Here are some ways to help build up the discipline:
  • Instead of thinking cheese, think avocado. Full of healthy fats and oils rolls with avocado retain the healthy nutrients of the fruit in addition to the fats. This gives the roll that extra dose of oily flavour without the negative side effects.
  • Add condiments at the table, not in the kitchen. Personally, I love the kick of a zesty soy sauce-wasabi mixture on just about any sushi roll. The spicy and tangy add-on brings out the flavours of the fish, rice, and vegetables, and leaves behind the fatty oil and egg yolks found in aiolis and other sauces built from mayonnaise.

The Best Sushi For Weight Loss

Now let’s look at specific rolls that will help you lose weight when eating sushi.
  • Eel Avocado Hand Roll. We discussed avocado’s roll in adding healthy fats and oils. This hearty roll is the perfect example. Exotic eel is complemented by the fruit, along with sweet soy sauce and white sesame to bring it all home. You can eat this entire roll yourself without feeling guilty, and enjoy the benefits of ample protein and sustenance at the same time. 
    • Eat this instead of: Panko rolls. Panko breading means deep fried ingredients, which are counterintuitive to your quest for weight loss.  Get your fix of fats from the avocado and flavours from a roll with diverse ingredients that bring out the best in each other.
  • Jumbo Hijiki Roll. Made from fresh tuna and salmon, and complemented by hijiki mix, tamago, and asparagus, this roll served at the best sushi restaurants in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Saudi is healthy, crunchy, and delicious.
    • Eat this instead of: Shrimp tempura roll. As we discussed above, tempura batter adds a significant amount of calories and fat to an otherwise healthy meal.
  • Tuna Green Apple California Roll or Salmon Mustard California Roll. California rolls are a staple at the best sushi restaurants. But they don’t have to be unhealthy. These delicious concoction features fresh fish, vegetables, and add-ons and leaves the high-fat ingredients back in the kitchen.
    • Eat this instead of: California rolls featuring globs of mayonnaise-based sauces or high-fat ingredients on top of the roll.
  • Salmon Spicy Summer Roll. Spicy miso really brings out the flavours of the fish and rice in this delicious creation. Cucumber and iceberg lettuce are also featured, ensuring a significant amount of crunch in each bite.
    • Eat this instead of: Philadelphia roll. Philadelphia rolls are loaded with cream cheese, adding enough fat to turn an otherwise healthy meal into something that should be avoided.

Rolling It All Into One

Sushi restaurants are popular in health-conscious circles because they offer delicious meals that move beyond the confines of a giant bun and sides of deep fried nonsense. In strong foodie markets outside of Japan, fresh fish almost always plays a significant role on menus. Japanese restaurants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have the benefit of nearby waters providing ample fresh seafood. We also have access to fresh ingredients from around the world here in UAE and Saudi. Sushi Counter and other fine restaurants take these fresh ingredients and run with them – giving you as the diner a great opportunity to eat deliciously while also eating fresh. What could be better than that?

The Best Sushi To Eat When Losing Weight

Sushi is commonly thought of as a healthy food. Japanese restaurants across the world serve it, and it isn’t uncommon to see groups of health-conscious professionals gathered at a post-work happy hour enjoying a roll or two. Generally speaking, the more basic a roll, the better it is for you...