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The Saga of Tea and Sushi

on 04th Nov, 2019
If you are a sushi newbie or just a sushi curious, you must learn how to plan your first experiences. Trying sushi and getting in touch with the Japanese cuisine should be more than randomly ordering a dish on a Friday evening – there is a whole culinary universe to be discovered. And even though you can end up loving sushi, we believe the best way to go on the sushi bandwagon is by taking steady and well-documented steps.

The most important thing is to find a good sushi restaurant that celebrates and embraces Japanese culture in all its greatness, and where you can learn the secrets and flavours of the maki roll and Sencha in an authentic environment!

Sushi PlatterMany people can find eating sushi for the first time overwhelming and often are caught in a stressful situation, not knowing what is what and how it should be mixed. If you are afraid of finding yourself in such a position, then take a look at our Ultimate guide to eating sushi for the first time. You can get all the information you need to make sure you know exactly what and how to order for the first time.

If you want to take your knowledge even further and understand more of the mysteries of sushi before ordering it, as well as how to evaluate your first experience, you can take a look at our Beginner’s guide to sushi. There you will find all the information about the main condiments used to spice up your roll, as well as types of sushi and other tips and tricks for your first sushi adventure!
Another thing to keep in mind when trying sushi for the first time is how to mix it in a way that will enhance and highlight the flavour of the dish. You can have some sushi with soda, of course, but that might make you miss out on the intensity of the whole experience. The best way to have sushi is with a flavoured cup of Sencha tea.

Why are sushi and Sencha the perfect way to start your sushi adventure?

Sencha tea is a particular type of Japanese Ryokucha obtained by brewing the whole leaves of the plant. This method adds a lot of flavour to the drink as well as multiple health benefits. It’s widely known how Japanese cuisine focuses a lot on health and keeping the body in its best shape. This is why Sencha tea is a usual addition to the table. This wonderful drink helps keep an active metabolism, fights cancer and reduce cholesterol. Besides that, it also boosts the immune system, helps in keeping a clean and healthy skin and stimulates cognition. These are a few reasons that would make anyone have at least one cup of tea a day.

Throughout the years, green tea has been a constant element of the Japanese culture. A daily drink that ensures health and wellbeing. But another important characteristic of this drink is its rich flavour which complements the salty sushi balancing out the taste. The mix of sushi and Sencha tea is perfect for sushi beginners, helping get a perfect taste of the Japanese cuisine, turning the first experience into a memorable one.

Sencha, Matcha, Hōjicha – What is the right choice?

When it comes to green tea in Japanese culture, there are plenty of choices and ways to prepare it, which can change the flavour completely. That’s why it’s important to know the difference between them. This will help you choose the perfect pair for your sushi.

In traditional Japanese restaurants, you may notice that a certain type of tea is served for free to the customers. This custom reinforces once again the importance of green tea in Japanese culture. The tea which is usually served is called Konacha and it’s not a very high-quality type of green tea. It’s usually obtained from the leftovers that result in the processing of more qualitative types of tea. The bitter flavour is a great way to balance out the salty taste of sushi. Nevertheless, it helps cleanse the mouth after each bite, so you can feel the special taste of each roll.

But to get the best experience of the Japanese traditions, it’s better to go for more quality when it comes to tea. Other types of tea that can be tried are Genmaicha – brown rice tea. This can be a nice experience if you want to vary a little bit on the tea types when having sushi. The strong flavour makes it have the same soothing effect as the green tea.

If you want to try an exquisite taste, you can try Gyokuro. One of the most high-quality types of tea, Gyokuro gets its special flavour from the unique way of harvesting the plant, and the way it’s processed.

Sencha is the most popular pairing for sushi. Sencha and sushi are the perfect match. If you want to enjoy the intense taste of Japanese cuisine – with a strong yet not overwhelming flavour, the tea complements the food most perfectly, making every bite feel like a unique experience.

Even though there’s nothing wrong in going for your favourite drink, it’s still worth a try to move out from your comfort zone and try Sencha tea (or any of your preferences) – you never know, you might discover that perfect tea for you (with or without the sushi!)
Sushi Counter Green Tea

Do it the right way

When it comes to enjoying a cup of tea, there is no wrong way to do it. But if you want to have a taste of the authentic Japanese culture, you must learn the right method of mixing tea and sushi. It may seem simple, yet there’s science behind.

You may notice that in most of the Japanese restaurants the tea is served hot. That is not by mistake. The hot drink helps clean the tongue and remove the fish taste, preparing your taste buds for a new bite. Just a tip – don’t expect a good tasting tea as you would have at home when you go to a Japanese restaurant. Though there may be restaurants who offer quality teas to their diners, the main reason for this tea is mainly for cleansing of the palate and balancing the food taste. That’s why most people don’t mind enjoying their sushi with any kind of tea.

Care for tea for your Sushi?

Now that you know why teas and sushis are great combos, you are ready to start your new adventure and immerse yourself in the Asian flavours. First, make sure you find a Japanese restaurant in Dubai or Abu Dhabi which offers a diverse sushi menu and that also offers one or more of the above tea selections for that great sushi experience.

And if you want to try your first sushi, why not try Sushi Counter? You can find in the menu a great variety of rolls and dishes that will help you have the best initiation in the Japanese traditional cuisine. Also, we offer Sencha green tea that will help you get the most authentic experience.

Forget about your inhibitions and the fear of being seen as a newbie with a lack of knowledge regarding Japanese traditions. You now have all the information you need to get you started in your journey and discover the flavours of the Japanese universe. And remember, once you’ve tried the traditional version, you can always go crazy and experiment. You’ll eventually find out your unique mix that will suit your taste buds best, and that is the most important thing. The first steps are important just as an initiation, and this includes knowing the origin and authentic taste as well as the traditional method. But once you’ve tried it, you should experiment and reach your own style and flavours, and get the best out of the Japanese gastronomic culture.

Visit any of the Sushi Counter restaurants today and let your taste buds immerse in the strong and delicious flavours of the Japanese cuisine!

The Saga of Tea and Sushi

If you are a sushi newbie or just a sushi curious, you must learn how to plan your first experiences. Trying sushi and getting in touch with the Japanese cuisine should be more than randomly ordering a dish on a Friday evening – there is a whole culinary universe to...