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Top 10 Sushi Burritos in the UAE

on 29th Aug, 2017
A lot of people love sushi, but this popular food isn’t always to eat while on the go. However, there is a newer option available that makes enjoying your favourite Japanese meal easier, even if you can’t sit down to enjoy it. It’s called a sushi burrito.

Now, a sushi burrito isn’t necessarily a fusion food, as most don’t feature many Mexican flavours. Instead, they provide you with a method for enjoying sushi in a form that’s easy to carry. In essence, the resemble maki rolls using a seaweed wrap to keep the other ingredients in place instead of a tortilla, as you would find in Mexican food. These foods are expertly crafted, just as you would expect from any other sushi experience, making it a convenient way to enjoy a meal of Japanese food no matter where the day takes you.

If you’re interested in trying a sushi burrito, here are 10 options that are available in the UAE today.

1. Tuna Sushi Burrito

Resembling a quintessential sushi experience, the tuna sushi burrito is similar to a spicy tuna roll. It includes freshly sliced tuna sashimi, avocado, cucumber, and spicy mayo. The avocado and cucumber help balance the heat from the spicy mayo, and all of the flavours make sure the star of the burrito, the tuna, really shines. Rice is used to bind everything together, and the tight seaweed wrap ensures you can eat this delicious meal like a burrito.

For those who enjoy classic takes on sushi, this may be the first sushi burrito you need to try.

2. Shrimp Tempura Sushi Burrito

Tempura is a staple at most Japanese restaurants, and the shrimp tempura sushi burrito brings that quintessential crunch to a more portable form. Add some cucumber, purple cabbage, pickled daikon and a spicy sauce or cooling mayo, and you have a flavourful experience that is sure to satisfy anyone who enjoys tempura shrimp.

3. Salmon Sushi Burrito

Another classic fish used in sushi is salmon, thanks to its distinct flavour. Rice is used to keep everything well bound, and a spicy sauce brings some heat to the classic salmon flavour. At times, vegetables like cucumber are also added bringing a cool flavour and a hint of crunch. Sesame flavours imbue a sense of earthy smokiness, truly trying it all together inside the seaweed wrap.

4. California Sushi Burrito

Bringing together the flavours traditionally found in a California roll, the California sushi burrito is a new take on a crowd favourite. Featuring crab, avocado, cucumber, and cream cheese or mayo, this sushi burrito will be available at a range of Japanese restaurants that have embraced this new food trend. And, don’t worry, you’ll get your classic rice and seaweed wrap too.

It is traditionally served with soy sauce as a side, but those who prefer a spicier meal can also pair this sushi burrito with sriracha for an extra flavour punch.

5. Chicken Sushi Burrito

A take on the classic Japanese dish, tori katsu, the chicken sushi burrito includes chicken that is cut into small strips. While tradition says the chicken should be deep fried, some restaurants prefer to back it and forgo the breading. To add flavour, a Japanese mayo is often added as well as ingredients like avocado. Rice forms the outer edge of the interior, and the seaweed wrap makes the meal manageable while on the go.

For those who enjoy Japanese flavours but don’t necessarily appreciate raw fish, the chicken sushi burrito is an excellent choice.

6. Dragon Sushi Burrito

A variant of the dragon roll, this sushi burrito includes eel and crab with fresh cucumber and avocado. Everything is wrapped with rice and seaweed and may include a mayo-based sauce that is often spicy. Other sauces may be available as well or a simple side of soy sauce can bring it all together.

7. Veggie Sushi Burrito

Japanese cuisine often features an array of vegetables, and a veggie sushi burrito can be a great way to enjoy a healthy meal no matter where you are. This can include yaki nori, roasted seaweed, as well as seaweed salad, avocado, and takuan, a form of Japanese pickle that is traditionally made with daikon radishes.

Since this option is vegetarian, it can be a great sushi burrito for people who enjoy Japanese flavours and either don’t eat meat or prefer to avoid raw fish.

8. Tempura Vegetable Sushi Burrito

For those who enjoy tempura, but don’t care for shrimp, the tempura vegetable sushi burrito allows you to experience the crunch of tempura without any seafood. The vegetables used can vary, but some popular options include yams, carrots, and onions. Fresh cucumber and avocado can also be added, and tofu may be available for additional protein. Some of these are served with a special citrus sauce designed to highlight the tempura vegetables while others used a spicy mayo for a bit of heat.

9. Spicy Tofu Sushi Burrito

Most commonly, a spicy tofu sushi burrito is a vegan option, making it a suitable choice for anyone avoiding animal products. Often, it’s flavoured with a sesame sauce (for a smoky, nutty, spicy flavour) that is used when cooking the tofu. Fresh cucumber adds a coolness while avocado brings in a creamy texture. The rice and seaweed wrap keep everything together.

For those who want a little more heat, consider using a side of sriracha for dipping instead of a traditional soy sauce.

10. Three Fish Sushi Burrito

For those looking for a combination of sashimi flavours, a three fish sushi burrito may be ideal. These often combine ahi tuna, salmon, and yellowtail to bring extra depth to the burrito. Cucumber adds coolness and crunch, and additions like red onion add vibrancy. For those who want a little Mexican flare with their sushi burrito, a hint of cilantro can do the trick.

Each sushi burrito establishment may also have their own creations, with some bringing more Mexican or Latin American flavours to create a fusion dish. However, many of the options reflect traditional Japanese sushi recipes, making these meals an excellent choice for those who enjoy sushi but need a more convenient method for enjoying it.

Top 10 Sushi Burritos in the UAE

A lot of people love sushi, but this popular food isn’t always to eat while on the go. However, there is a newer option available that makes enjoying your favourite Japanese meal easier, even if you can’t sit down to enjoy it. It’s called a sushi burrito.Now, a sushi...