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UAE is Loving Everything Japanese Especially their Cuisines!

on 05th Sep, 2019
As the world becomes more open to interactive cultural exchanges and big cities more cosmopolitan, all we can do is celebrate the diversity and take advantage of all the opportunities it brings with it. The mix of cultures in the big metropolis is an exciting environment that ends up changing our lifestyles.

A Spoon Full of Culture

Each culture brings some unique, added value to this colourful mix. In the case of Japanese culture, not only it brings to our attention a very different set of values compared to what the Middle East is used to, but it also gives us an insight into the lifestyle of the Japanese people and how they manage to keep such healthy and fit bodies, while having a peaceful state of mind and stress free daily life.

Though the first contact with the Japanese culture in the UAE was based on economic interests, through the new Japanese companies and investors, it slowly brought with it a big cultural change that ended up by impacting even the regular lives of the people living in the country especially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Starting with an import of Japanese companies and businesses, now the influences have extended to include everything from food to music, clothing and sports, making it easier to incorporate the Japanese culture into our lifestyle.

Whether you are a fan of Japanese culture or not, all it takes to get in touch with this culture in UAE nowadays is taking a walk down the street and you will find a Japanese restaurant in no time. The Japanese food culture not only has been brought here, but it has also been fully embraced by the locals and residents.

How did Japanese food become so popular in UAE?

In the UAE, Japanese culture has become embedded in the daily lives of the residents and even locals that nowadays, getting a bag of goodies from Daiso is just a casual thing. The culture has been fully embraced in the local community by now and it’s growing faster and faster, bringing with it more and more delicious foods on our plates.

In the last years, Japanese culture, especially Japanese food, has been taking over not only the UAE but the entire world. The Japanese food dishes have started to be part of a must-have section in many restaurants. The traditional ingredients and flavours have also been adapted or incorporated in a lot of modern plates. You can now find dishes such chicken wings with wasabi sauce or sashimi in modern mixes with the most unexpected side dishes, as well as sushi rolls adapted to either vegetarian or vegan recipes.
New ingredients have been combined with the old, traditional ones, to bring on our plates new, delicious bites such as California rolls with its tasty avocado and creamy texture. Or the sushi cross burger which is perfect for a fast meal on the go yet gives the necessary amount of energy. Another delicious hybrid is the sushi burrito, which takes the best qualities of the Mexican delicacy and Japanese cuisine to offer you a delicious piece of this Japanese street food.

When the Japanese cuisine arrived in the country, it was quite easy to earn the hearts of all the foodies. But what made it so popular?

1. A cosmopolitan population

A great mix of people from all around the world brings a lot of variety and openness to trying new tastes from different cultures and traditions. Living in such a mixed society will make both expats and locals more willing to try new experiences – and one of them is, of course, food.

Getting in touch with one new culture will spark the curiosity of knowing what else is out there and how other people from various countries may live and experience life – eating, being one of the most important experiences we have. The beauty of having this big mix of people with different cultures and backgrounds fuels a continuous exchange of ideas, recipes and tastes giving a big variety of choices that will definitely fit all preferences.

2. The power of the first impression

When trying something completely new, appearance is a very important factor. If it’s a new dish, people start with being sceptical about it. If it’s a new dish that features ingredients we may have never heard of or are unsure of what they are will definitely discourage us to try it. This is one aspect that makes Japanese food to win some extra points. With its sharp presentation and vivid colours, it will always get the attention and interest of the people and encourage them to take a bite. And once the first bite is taken, it will surely win them over. Looks can be deceiving, indeed, but not in Japanese food.

Japanese Dishes
3. A good looking plate for a good looking body

If we take a look at the Japanese cuisine history, we can see that one very important aspect of it is related to health. Japanese food recipes have an old tradition that focuses on providing the healthiest meals, and it does it by achieving a perfect balance of nutrients, carbs and vitamins that fills the body with it needs throughout the day and be in your best shape.

4. Balance was always the key

As mentioned above, more than providing the best fuel for the body, Japanese cuisine is a perfect mix of nutrients and taste, making it the perfect healthy food choice. This makes it very easy to keep a good habit of healthy eating – providing you with a happy and healthy meal.

5. A plate of fresh air

Even though it might be based on old recipes, Japanese food always feels like a breath of fresh air. Never too heavy and always filling, these dishes will make you feel perfect and full of energy throughout the day. The refreshing taste will certainly add up to the wonderful experience.

6. A tasty and relaxing hobby

Japanese cuisine, such as sushi, is not only the perfect balance between taste and nutrients, its preparation also makes it more intriguing and addicting. And in the end, you will get the perfect reward – a delicious and healthy meal.

7. A new taste with every meal

Most of the people associate Japanese food only with the rolled sushi. This is a huge mistake that will keep you away from experiencing the full Japanese cuisine. Meat is a later addition in the Japanese diet, making the sushi rolls quite a new invention. The old Japanese cuisine was based on vegetables and rice, and soup dishes were the most common and popular recipes in the past.

The great variety of Japanese food recipes is given by the multitude of ingredients and the complex ways of mixing them, which creates a huge range of tastes and flavours. And on top of that, there are all the spices and condiments which can take you on a different journey every time.

8. Dishes for every taste and season

One of the reasons why Japanese food provides such a great variety of dishes is the fact that it’s rooted in the four seasons and this ritual cycle that is unheard of in UAE. We all know traditional food is deeply related in the environment where the food is created and developed, and it’s strongly related to the climate and local products. This is why seasonal food is not something very common here, being brought to UAE by the expats. In the Japanese culture, seasons play an important role, setting the cooking guidelines for a certain period. This way not only the dishes are always balanced and adapted to the climate, but they also offer, at the same time, new tastes and flavours throughout the year. This way you can never get bored with Japanese food, and you’ll always have a new surprise awaiting.

Ceviche9. From sushi to ceviche – a rainbow of tastes to try throughout the year

The versatility of the main ingredients of the Japanese dishes makes it easier to create new and innovative recipes that will still keep the traditional flavours untouched. Whether it’s sushi or a chirashi, you will taste the full Japanese culture from the first bite. Even if you decide to go for a modern choice such as sushi burrito or sushi burger, you will be transported back to the Japanese cuisine in an instant. And mixing the traditions of Japanese recipes with the new and modern dishes brings even more variety on your plate!

10. Always looking at the full side of the plate

The Japanese culture is always focusing on being thankful for what one has and keeping an optimistic attitude towards life. And with such delicious food like the one they have, it’s always easy to see the full side of the plate. Always fresh and with great visuals, every meal will turn into a pleasant treat for both the eyes and the palate. And being filled with tasty and healthy energy will always put you in a good mood and fill you with good vibes. The Japanese cuisine does not only feed the body but also the soul.

11. More than a meal – a lifestyle

Even though you can try having a Japanese dish now and then, you will see that it’s not just about the food; it’s about the choices you make daily. Small choices such as opting for healthier dishes such as sushi can make a big positive impact in the lives of those who lean towards a healthier lifestyle. This is what keeps people engaged with the Japanese culture and cuisine, giving them a high satisfaction on the long term and a great feeling of improvement of their quality of life.

12. Great taste comes in small portions

Even though the Japanese dishes may seem like very small quantities of food, they are more than enough to fill you up. This is another great advantage of the Japanese cuisine. It will never make you feel heavy after a meal, and the digestion will be easy and light. The big plus is that you won’t feel lazy and sleepy after lunch and you’ll be able to get right back on with your work, being fully pumped and efficient.

More than sushi and more than food

If you are ready to take on new challenges and have new experiences in your life, then this is one thing you can start with. Try some of the Japanese delicious dishes and embrace the Japanese culture with all it can offer. Whether you want just a tasty and fresh bite for dinner or to give in to your craving, the Japanese recipes are made to satisfy.

And if you are ready to try something Japanese, you can always choose from a great selection at Sushi Counter. With a great variety of dishes, we perfectly mix the traditional food and ingredients with new concepts, adapting the Japanese culture to modern needs.

Here you can find authentic Japanese recipes cooked by the book, such as Miso or Katsu Curry, which will take you to the heart of the Japanese traditional culture, but also some more up to date, modern dishes such as the Meshi Box. Of course, you can find the very popular sushi rolls and chirashi. We also have improvisations of the new world such as ceviche, sushi burgers, burrito rolls and poke bowls, which, though may not entirely Japanese in origin, still honour the ingredients found in the traditional Japanese cuisines.

So don’t wait any longer. Take the new challenge and try the full experience of Japanese cuisine. Try a new flavour today and discover the taste of a new culture.

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UAE is Loving Everything Japanese Especially their Cuisines!

As the world becomes more open to interactive cultural exchanges and big cities more cosmopolitan, all we can do is celebrate the diversity and take advantage of all the opportunities it brings with it. The mix of cultures in the big metropolis is an exciting environment that ends up changing...