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The UAE is known for its culturally rich, diverse atmosphere and the cuisine is certainly a reflection of the nation’s values. Japanese fare has made quite an impact on society and there are countless establishments from Abu Dhabi to Dubai where you can find this hearty, healthy coastal cuisine.Many...
Sushi is commonly thought of as a healthy food. Japanese restaurants across the world serve it, and it isn’t uncommon to see groups of health-conscious professionals gathered at a post-work happy hour enjoying a roll or two. Generally speaking, the more basic a roll, the better it is for you...

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Sushi Counter Image of Sushi Platter - American Style
2 weeks ago
What exactly is a California roll?Known as a makizushi sushi roll by the Japanese, the California roll as we...
sushi delivery Dubai and Abu Dhabi
on 25th Apr, 2018
As far as cities go, it is not often that one sees the rate of growth as can be seen...
on 07th Mar, 2018
A BEGINNERS GUIDE TO SUSHISushi Counter is the hippest and freshest sushi joint you can find in Dubai or Abu...
on 29th Jan, 2018
Sushi has become a worldwide phenomenon, with people from all walks of life being attracted to the distinct flavours and...
on 14th Jan, 2018
Catering: Taking the stress out of EntertainingThere seem to be two kinds of people who entertain at home. One kind...
sushi fun facts
on 18th Dec, 2017
As more and more people become interested in Japanese food and finding the best sushi restaurants in Dubai and Abu...
sushi myths
on 02nd Oct, 2017
What comes to your mind first when you think about Japanese food? In most cases, it’s somewhere along the lines...
Sushi Counter Image of an Old Man Thinking about Sushis
on 20th Sep, 2017
Sushi first appeared, according to the historical account, on the streets of Japan back in the 8th century. The rest...